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Matt Leinart to Seahawks Rumors Heat Up

This is when Matt Leinart was on THE RUNNING MAN.
This is when Matt Leinart was on THE RUNNING MAN.

Scott Wolf of Inside USC reported yesterday that he's hearing "the Seahawks spoke to former USC quarterback Matt Leinart about joining the team next season." Though these rumors have been floated recently simply out of a logical deduction regarding Carroll and Leinart's history together and the fact Leinart is a free agent, this is the first I've heard of any actual source to the idea. I'm not saying that I necessarily believe what Wolf is reporting, but it's an interesting development nonetheless as I'm a bit of a sucker for rumor mongering.. cough.

Anyhow, whether what Wolf is 'hearing' is based in reality or not, let's take a look at what Matt Leinart to Seattle might actually mean. First, so I don't start mixing rumors, let's just assume that the Carson Palmer to Seattle rumors are false. Then, let's assume the Kevin Kolb to Seattle rumors are false. After that, let's assume the Tarvaris Jackson to Seattle rumors are false. Now, let's assume the Kyle Orton to Seattle rumors are false. Where am I? Oh, let's also assume the Vince Young to Seattle speculation is dead and that Matt Hasselbeck will not return to Seattle. I probably didn't get everyone there but you see where I'm going.

Scenario: John Schneider said they're looking to sign a specific UDFA QB so for this exercise we'll pretend he's the third QB. That leaves Charlie Whitehurst and Matt Leinart to duke it out for the starting gig because if Matt Leinart is brought in I'd tend to think it would be ostensibly to compete for the starting job. In reality Charlie would probably get the edge here and win the starting role and we'd have a chance to see what he can do and finally make the judgement on whether or not it was a mistake to bring him in. If Whitehurst were to get hurt playing behind a very young and inexperienced line, Matt Leinart would get a chance to play and we could see if he has any chance to make it in the NFL after falling out of favor with Ken Whisenhunt; or rather, after Ken Whisenhunt never liked Dennis Green pick Matt Leinart and eventually cut him after taking over. Overall, you're looking at a pretty experimental season at quarterback and can expect a record commensurate of a 'rebuilding' franchise. 

Snap back to reality: I think the Carson Palmer or Matt Hasselbeck decision hinges on whether Mike Brown concedes and trades Palmer. If so, the Hawks let Hass walk and carry on with their new bridge to the future. If Brown decides to be an ass, then the Hawks re-sign Matt. From there, whether it's Carson Palmer or Matt Hasselbeck starting, I could see Matt Leinart playing the JP Losman role as 3rd QB to push Charlie for backup status, with the unnamed UDFA QB on the practice squad. That's how I see this playing out but there are surprises around every corner so we'll see.