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Throwbacks, Uniform Design Changes in the Works for the Seahawks

Seahawks President Peter McLoughlin was on the Dave Softy Mahler show today and had some really interesting things to say about the Seahawks' uniform situation. Here's what he said when Softy asked him if there is any plan for the use of throwback jerseys in the works:

"Yeah there is, and it's an exciting time. There will be no changes for '11, for the upcoming season. 2011 is the final year for the Reebok deal with the NFL, and starting in 2012 we're going to be going with a Nike jersey and a Nike design. So we've actually met with Nike, and I think we were the first NFL team to meet with them, and we had a fascinating session with them. Pete Carroll was in the room, John Schneider, all kinds of people, and we're looking at all kinds of new designs, and new kinds of jerseys, and we're talking about a throwback for sure. So there's a lot of creative stuff in the works right now."

Softy asked him to clarify, on whether that meant a wholesale logo and color/design change. McLoughlin replied:

"Certainly the logo is going to remain the same. When I say design change I mean you know you got a new manufacturer, in Nike, and they're looking at all kinds of new technology, it's really amazing all the kinds of stuff they can do. So we're working with them to see what it's all going to look like, and we're really pumped up about it."

So very vague but exciting nonetheless since I've been lobbying (to my friends anyway) for the throwback uniforms for a long time, and even mentioned it on Twitter yesterday I think, which got a little discussion going. Anyway, though it's not really football related, it's something cool that's going on behind the scenes.

It gave me an idea though for a new series here at Fieldgulls that I plan on starting on Monday: Top 5 Best and Top 5 Most Terrible Throwback/Alternate Uniforms in the NFL.