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Twelves of the World, Represent!


Dave Cariello over at Canal Street Chronicles came up with this idea, and I thought it was a great one, so I wanted to do it with the Twelves. I've created a public Google Map that allows you to log in, place a pin to your current location, and will give us a great view of where all the Field Gulls' 12th Men are living across the world.

Sign in to your google account (if you don't have one, sign up!), follow the link below the map, hit "edit", select the pin in the top left hand corner, set it in your location (you can zero into your actual house, or just include your city, which I did), and hit save. Please don't delete anyone else's pins and we'll see how much of a worldwide presence the 12th Man Field Gulls community really has. Should be pretty sweet!

Check out the map after the jump and place your pin!

View 12th Man Worldwide in a larger map