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The John Schneider/Pete Carroll Seahawks Extreme Roster Makeover Challenge

I took a look at the Seahawks official roster as listed on and made a list of the players that John Schneider and Pete Carroll have brought in. I wanted to compare the PC/JS players vs what was left from prior regimes. The results of my collection were pretty amazing to look at. In just over a year, almost the entire roster has been turned over. Keep in mind some of these players are free agents, but right now are listed on the official roster - I included a note next to free agents on whether or not I believe they will be re-signed. 

Here are the 58 (out of 85 Seahawk players has currently listed on the roster) players that John Schneider and Pete Carroll have brought to Seattle - in JUST OVER ONE YEAR'S TIME (FIFTY-EIGHT):

Losman, J.P. (most likely won't be re-signed)
Whitehurst, Charlie

McQuistan, Paul
Jeanpierre, Lemuel
Fanaika, Paul
Moffitt, John
White, Chris
Giacomini, Breno
Okung, Russell
Polumbus, Tyler (restricted free-agent, probably back) 
Robinson, Will
Andrews, Stacy (will possibly be restructured or cut)
Carpenter, James

Henry, Chris
Lynch, Marshawn
Robinson, Michael (will possibly be re-signed)
Washington, Leon

Konz, Jameson
McCoy, Anthony
Piurowski, Caz
Byrd, Dominique

Carter, Chris
Durham, Kris
Edison, Dominique
Martin, Ruvell
Stanback, Isaiah
Stokley, Brandon (most likely won't be re-signed)
Tate, Golden
Williams, Mike
Williams, Patrick

Alford, Jay
Moen, Barrett
Siavii, Junior (possibly will be re-signed)

Balmer, Kentwan
Brock, Raheem (most likely won't be re-signed)
Clemons, Chris
Gordon, Amon
Levingston, Lazarius
Richardson, Jay
Schable, A.J.

Browner, Brandon
Pinkard, Josh
Brindley, James
Brown, Marcus
Cox, Kennard
Maxwell, Byron
Sherman, Richard
Thurmond, Walter

LeGree, Mark
Thomas, Earl
Chancellor, Kam

Davis, Dexter
Heygood, Anthony
Pawelek, Joe
Smith, Malcolm
Wright, K.J.
McCoy, Matt (most likely won't be re-signed)

Gresham, Clint


Now, take a look at who was left from the prior front office and coaching staffs: Out of the 85 total players officially listed on the Hawks' roster, only 27 are left over from over one year ago. Crazy.

Hasselbeck, Matt (will possibly be re-signed)

Gibson, Mike
Unger, Max
Spencer, Chris (most likely won't be re-signed)
Locklear, Sean (most likely won't be re-signed)
Willis, Ray (will possibly be re-signed)

Forsett, Justin

Carlson, John
Morrah, Cameron

Butler, Deon (possible roster cut, injury PUP in 2011)
Obomanu, Ben

Bryant, Red
Cole, Colin
Mebane, Brandon (most likely won't be re-signed)
Terrill, Craig (most likely won't be re-signed)


Ryan, Jon
Mare, Olindo (will possibly be re-signed)

Jennings, Kelly (most likely won't be re-signed)
Lewis, Roy
Trufant, Marcus (likely contract restructure)

Babineaux, Jordan (most likely won't be re-signed)
Milloy, Lawyer (most likely won't be re-signed, or will retire)

Curry, Aaron
Hawthorne, David
Herring, Will (most likely won't be re-signed)
Hill, Leroy (most likely won't be re-signed)
Tatupu, Lofa (likely contract restructure in 2011 or 2012)

Overall it's pretty interesting to see all this in the same spot. Most of the 27 'Pre-Carroll' players have some sort of caveat next to their name as well. Trufant and Tatupu are candidates for contract restructuring. Brandon Mebane, Chris Spencer, Matt Hasselbeck, Lawyer Milloy, Kelly Jennings, and Sean Locklear - all starters in 2010, will most probably not be back, further completing this entire roster makeover. 

If many or all of the current free agent "Pre-Carroll" players do in fact leave, we'd be looking at 14 or 15 guys left from the Seahawks' roster as it stood in January 2010, just before Pete Carroll was hired. Wow. To me, this is as close to a 'rebuild' as you're going to see in the modern NFL.