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Worst NFL Throwbacks: #4 - Philadelphia Eagles Light Blue and Ugly Yellow Ensemble

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To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Eagles' Football, the leadership of Philadelphia decided to sully their team's reputation by wearing these lovely outfits. As I mentioned before, pastels don't really do it for me on the football field, and the no contrast mixture of light blue and light yellow splashed about with no defining feature or semblance of theme make this design #4 on my Worst Of Throwbacks list.

Though I am a fan of simplistic uniforms bereft of superfluous piping, detail and logos, the color combination presented simply does not work. In the words of Jim Mora Jr, "unacceptable."

For a little more history on this choice, here's Eagleschick with an explanation: "Now you are probably wondering, why the heck these Swedish colors? Why those really ugly colors? Well it has to do with a number of things. Not just the fact that those colors use to be the official colors of Philadelphia, PA.

The blue and yellow colors were the first colors worn by the Eagles, after the Frankford Yellow Jackets went bankrupt. So when the NFL awarded the Philadelphia franchise to a syndicate headed by former University of Pennsylvania teammates Lud Wray and Bert Bell, the new Eagles, inherited these ugly colors on their uniforms.

Whether it was coincidence or not when the Yellow Jackets first wore the colors, they are actually the official colors of the City of Brotherly Love. Prior to William Penn arriving here, the Swedes had settled the area, so he felt compelled to incorporate the color of Sweden into the City of Philadelphia's flag."

So to sum up, I guess that makes a little bit of sense, but when I was in Sweden I remembered the blue being a lot closer to royal blue and not Tar Heel blue, but maybe I'm colorblind.