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More on North Carolina WR Dwight Jones

Last week when I caught up with Rob Staton from Seahawks Draft Blog, I asked him which college WRs we should be keeping an eye on during the fall. Here's what he said: "I think it depends on what happens during the season. Right now you'd count out Alshon Jeffery because he's a Mike Williams clone, but what if Williams struggles in 2011? Golden Tate needs to have a bigger impact as a second year receiver, but if he doesn't do you consider a Mohamed Sanu who's just a pure playmaker, either as a runner or receiver?

As things stand today I think the team lacks a legitimate deep threat and Dwight Jones at UNC does a great job getting downfield despite carrying a 6-4, 220lbs frame. I also love the way he adjusts to the ball and he has good hands - he just needs to do it every week"

Because Seattle still lacks that true #1 receiver, Mike Williams becomes the de facto #1 and most of the attention is on him during a game or at a crucial moment. Because Mike is a better option in the short and intermediate range I believe his true strength would be as a #2 possession style WR, not relied on to go deep. He can go deep now and again but he's usually not going to beat a corner in a footrace and at the moment the Hawks don't really have a guy that strikes much fear into opposing corners or safeties. Kris Durham is a guy that could develop into that role but he could end up being used in the slot more as well. Rumors have linked Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, and even Randy Moss to Seattle with that #1, deep threat type role in mind. Since these guys don't appear to be options anymore perhaps the Hawks will look to the draft in 2012 for a guy that could step up for them there. Take a look at UNC's Dwight Jones, with video brought to us by Aaron Aloysius. 

Deep speed is the main thing that I note in this game; the pass he catches at 0:39 - he runs a seam route and by the time the ball arrives he's almost 5 yards past the nearest corner. Again, at 1:43 he gets behind the defense easily but the ball is underthrown.

He's got the size at 6'4 220 that makes you drool, and because he's got high end speed to make him an effective deep threat, you have to like him as a potential Seahawk.