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Coffee and Cigarettes

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Donte Paige-Moss (DE, UNC) game tape " Seahawks Draft Blog: "Ranked at #47 in my top-50 prospects to watch this year, Donte Paige-Moss is the line partner to the highly rated Quinton Coples at UNC. He never really blew me away in 2010 and certainly benefits playing on a talented defense, but he’ll get opportunities this year to boost his stock. Very much an outside linebacker or LEO prospect."

NFL: Training camps may be next hits - ESPN: John Clayton: "One of the knocks on Whitehurst is how he hasn't taken control of an opportunity or a situation. There aren't a lot of Seahawks who live in Seattle during the offseason because of the drastic roster changes last season, but those who do live there are in touch with Hasselbeck, not Whitehurst, and Hasselbeck doesn't have a contract with the team. He's a free agent. Whitehurst rarely lit it up in practice. Outsiders think he could be the answer for the Seahawks. Insiders have their doubts."

Source: NFL supplemental draft in July if needed - ESPN: Adam Schefter: "So far, there have been no applicants," a league official told ESPN. The official said no deadline for applying for the draft has been set. "If there is one, the supplemental draft would be held mid-to-late July, no later than 10 days before the first training camp opens," the official told ESPN. Janoris Jenkins and Michael Floyd are the two key players to watch here.

The supplemental draft and suspended Ohio State players - Mocking The Draft: "The five suspended Buckeyes could get in, should they apply. After the jump, see breakdowns of Pryor, offensive tackle Mike Adams, wide receiver DeVier Posey, running back Dan Herron and defensive end Solomon Thomas."

Losing Your Football Innocence " The Rookie Scouting Portfolio: "10 things you can do to become a more critical viewer." A great piece by Matt Waldman on how to become better at football evaluation. He subtly includes a gigantic picture of a cherry as the page header - what he's alluding to is very naughty,... but funny. 

Jake Locker and the Value of Raw Material: A very in-depth film study of Jake Locker by Matt Waldman. Blog | For the love of Leon ": A great piece on Leon Washington by Clare Farsworth over at

NFL owners have more time to consider than players in labor matter - "Key date: It's tempting to say June 3, when the 8th Circuit will hear oral arguments in the NFL 's appeal of the lockout-lifting decision in District Court. But it's likely to take at least two weeks for that three-judge panel to issue a ruling, so a better key date is three weeks before the Sept. 8 kickoff game between New Orleans and Green Bay — say Aug. 15. At a minimum, teams would need that much time to train for the start of the season. If camps are still closed at that point, you can bet games will either be pushed back or scrubbed."

Irsay's July 4 CBA deadline on the mark - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: "The preseason and regular campaign can go on without a hitch if a new deal is inked by Independence Day."

2010 Seahawks: What the Film Revealed - "The Seahawks never seemed to establish a true identity offensively. Or, perhaps better stated, the identity they did establish was dull. The run game provided little spark, in part because running back Marshawn Lynch did not have the patience or initial quickness to thrive in a one-cut scheme. It’s surprising that Justin Forsett became such an afterthought after Lynch showed up."

Older piece here, but interesting and well thought out nonetheless. Also, I've included the rest of the NFC West in the series below.

2010 49ers: What the Film Revealed - "San Francisco had the talent for a top-10 defense, but Alex Smith helped drag down the 49ers' offense."

2010 St. Louis Rams: What the Film Revealed - "The Rams have a lot of reasons to be giddy about Sam Bradford."

2010 Arizona Cardinals: What the Film Revealed - "Whatever else it was, the Cardinals' 2010 season may have solidified Kurt Warner's Hall of Fame candidacy."

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Most Pass Defeats 2010: Another great article by the guys over at Football Outsiders.

Deep Threats | "Pro Football Focus' Khaled Elsayed breaks down the performances of 2010 top deep threat receivers in the NFL." Not surprisingly, no Seahawks make the list. NinersDigest Q&A: The Michael Crabtree enigma: "What is the real perception of wide receiver Michael Crabtree? How is the 49ers’ situation at the nose tackle position and what’s up there with incumbent starter Aubrayo Franklin? What’s the inside scoop with receiver Dominique Zeigler, offensive tackle Anthony Davis and guard Chilo Rachal? answers your questions and more inside."

NFL lockout got you bummed? Sporting News lists 100 reasons to love the game - NFL - Sporting News: A list of reasons to love the NFL. Still. blogs - Kent Somers - Back to work: "Whenever they are able, the Cardinals will pursue a trade for Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb. Kolb had highs and lows last season, but if you are looking for reasons to be excited about him, check out this highlight video of his game against the Falcons. He completed 23 of 29 for 326 yards and three touchdowns against good defense." Don't believe the hype that the Cardinals aren't sold on Kolb. They are, they're just trying to drive down the cost. news: Lynch had a very memorable playoff run, but ignore it: A take on what the Seahawks might have to offer Fantasy Football wise in 2011. news: In the shadows: Flacco, Forte among guys who deserve credit: "Santana Moss, WR, Redskins Santana Moss is a free agent, but you wouldn't know it with all the speculation about Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Plaxico Burress and Chad Ochocinco. Santana Moss finished fourth in the NFL last year with 93 receptions and 10th in yardage. He hasn't missed a game in three years, you never hear a peep out of him and he's younger than the guys mentioned above. His six touchdown receptions tied him with Larry Fitzgerald, Santonio Holmes and DeSean Jackson. Santana Moss also had 61 of his 93 receptions for a first down, which was tied for fourth best in the league and more than Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Marques Colston or Dwayne Bowe." The more I think about Moss, the more intrigued I get with him in a Seahawks' uniform.

Miami Dolphins notebook: Robert Rose admits to taking gifts at Ohio State; another name to watch at QB; and were the paycuts necessary? | The Daily Dolphin: Apparently this Robert Rose fellow used to be a Seahawk briefly. ""I knew how much money that the school was making," Rose told SI. "I always heard about how Ohio State had the biggest Nike budget. I was struggling, my mom was struggling. ... It was just something that I had to do. I was in a hard spot. ... [Other] guys were doing it for the same reasons. The university doesn't really help. Technically we knew it was wrong, but a lot of those guys are from the inner city and we didn't have much, and we had to go on the best we could. I couldn't call home to ask my mom to help me out." Blogs " Blog Archive Brandt: 49ers will win the NFC West ": Gil Brandt on the NFC West in 2011: "Brandt wasn't asked for an NFC West prediction when he fielded a question about the 49ers' QB situation, but he offered it up anyway - stating San Francisco as his pick to win the division.

"I do not think the 49ers will be in position to (draft Andrew Luck in 2012)," Brandt said. "I think the 49ers will win the NFC West this year. "First off," he explained, "they have a good nucleus, and I think Jim Harbaugh will do wonders with Alex Smith. That will put them in position to win that division." news: NFLPA decides to hold its own rookie symposium in June: "At last week's spring owners meeting, the NFL cancelled its annual rookie symposium, which is in place to educate draft picks on the life that lies ahead as a professional athlete. It appears the practice won't be lost all together."