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On the Internets: Seahawks' Receiver Isaiah Stanback

Quick note to those of you that use Twitter - Seahawks' wide receiver Isaiah Stanback has joined the party. I only bring it up because he's said some really endearing things initially that any Seahawk fan would love to see from their players on Twitter (as opposed to the unintelligible chatspeak and strange reply format that most players use, thus is Twitter I guess).

Here are a select few nuggets of greatness from the former Husky:

  • "I'm gonna be ready to go when ball is back in action. Send prayers this way for no injuries and it's gonna be a hell of a year!"
  • "Wish I could control injuries but u can't , you can only control the effort you put in to come back from them."
  • "Ready to get back on the field and show the fans what I was on a mission to do last year for my city."
  • "We're working hard for y'all this off-season. Staying ready so we don't have to get ready. Go Hawks!!

Just makes you want to see him succeed. If he can bring some of the athleticism and playmaking ability he showcased at Husky Stadium to the CLink he'll be a very good weapon for the Hawks. I'm hoping that his achilles is all healed up and hasn't robbed him of his quickness and agility. 

For what it's worth, Pete Carroll seemed to be pretty excited about the acquisition of Stanback last season and they wasted no time in re-signing him for 2011 this winter. I'm not sure if his versatility and ability to fill in at quarterback are what make him most attractive to Pete, but he was quoted last year"He can offer some help to do some things if we needed it at the quarterback spot to salvage a few situations, (and we're) anxious to see what he offers us."

So it remains a possibility that he could function as a WR and moonlight so to speak as the Hawks 4th QB at camp this season. If he can handle '3rd QB' responsibilities on the 53-man roster you have an open spot for someone else to make the team. Now, I'm not saying that this is very likely (they didn't do this with Michael Robinson last year), but it's something to think about considering JP Losman was our 3rd QB last season, never played a snap, probably got very few snaps in practice, and took up a roster spot throughout most of the season. Just thinking out loud here in this slow time of the offseason/lockout.

The point is though- it will be exciting to see how Stanback develops at camp this year. He's got great speed and strength and has the abilities to let the Hawks offense get creative in certain sets.