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Seahawks Weekly Wrap Up

Here is a summary of topics that have been part of the discussion this week on our Seattle Seahawks. Whenever I put these lists together it always strikes me as crazy how in-depth we can really get on sports. I honestly love it. Here are some articles to read in case you've missed out on the action this week.

Seahawks Versus Seahawks: A Comparison of Greats - Field Gulls"Who would win if?" or "Who was better?" is a common question thrown around in NFL discussions. However, my spin on this topic is this: I won't be making an effort to declare a winner. I will simply write blurbs on players matching them up with each other comparing them and contrasting them. The comments will be open to those that wish to declare their own winners and also  submit Seahawks players for comparison in later installments

The 4-3 Under Defense: Coverage Schemes - Field Gulls: I want to give you just a basic look at some of the coverage schemes that you will see the Seahawks running. I'm not going to get into too much detail but I'll show you some of the basic tenets of each and explain what each player needs to do in each call.

Re-Live Glory Monday: The 1987 Seahawks - Field Gulls: I have to admit that I'm not super knowledgeable about the teams of yesteryear so I thought I'd start including a trip down memory lane now and again so we have a better appreciation of where we came from. The 1987 season was lockout shortened to 15 games so it's actually something topical to talk about considering the circumstances we're facing right now.

The Replay Booth: How to Beat the Tampa-2 - Field Gulls: The Seahawks tend to run a Tampa-2 pretty often. Like any defense, it has it's weaknesses, and one of, if not the most glaring weaknesses involves attacking with a deep pass up the middle.

Worst NFL Throwbacks #2: 1994 Chicago Bears - Field Gulls: The Bears wore these throwbacks in 1994 to commemorate their 75th anniversary. The uniforms paid homage to the team's uniform from 1924-25 but really didn't look all that close to the original in their efforts to make a 'throwback'. What we ended up seeing was an ugly striped pattern with the old mustard yellow over navy color scheme.

Extraordinarily Small Panel of Football Writers Rank Seattle's Qwest Field 3rd-Toughest Place To Play - Field Gulls: Qwest Field is a tough place to play, according to poll of eight people.

Assessing the Seahawks' Roster: Wide Receivers - Field Gulls: A position by position look at the Seahawks' roster. In this edition, wide receivers.

Seahawks Rumors, Intrigue Galore! - Field Gulls: Sports Illustrated's Peter King had some interesting things to say on Twitter last night about the Seahawks; specifically on our quarterback situation.

On the Airwaves: Justin Forsett With Ian Furness KJR 950 - Field Gulls: There's a reason Justin Forsett became a fan favorite in the Preseason 2009 - he's fun to watch and easy to root for. I've sort of forgotten about this lately because our run game was so depressing last year - but I can't wait to see what he can do if he gets some lanes.

The Replay Booth: Chris Clemons, Raheem Brock, Stunt Perfection - Field Gulls: If you want to see a stunt run to perfection, I have good example for you.

Seahawks Scouting with Rob Staton - Field Gulls: Rob Staton, (and his website Seahawks Draft Blog), is a very good resource for NFL Draft related information and more specifically Seahawks news and analysis. I had the opportunity to catch up with Staton recently, and asked him a few questions that could be on the minds of Seahawks' fans.

On the Internets: Seahawks' Receiver Isaiah Stanback - Field Gulls: Seahawks' wide receiver Isaiah Stanback has joined the Twitter party. I only bring it up because he's said some really endearing things initially that any Seahawk fan would love to see from their players on Twitter.

Looking Forward: Deon Butler, Part II - Field Gulls: A look at Deon Butler: his future role with the Seahawks,

So We've Got That Goin' For Us, Which Is Nice. - Field Gulls: For what it's worth, the reports and interviews that I've heard from the players are that the Seahawks by and large have actually bought in to Pete Carroll's rah-rah attitude and "always compete" mantra. Of course, they could just be saying that, but the overall feeling I get is that the players are excited to be Seahawks and are excited to see where Pete can take this team. Morale is important to a team and I can say with some confidence that I don't think the Seahawks are lacking in that department at the moment. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Seahawks On the Airwaves: Ray Willis With Softy Mahler KJR 950 - Field GullsRay Willis was on the Softy Mahler show last week and though it was a short interview, he did have some interesting things to say for sure. The first thing they touched on was, of course, the lockout. Willis has been rehabbing and working out down in Florida, and he had this to say about the stalemate...

NFL Lockout Update: Possible Deal In Two Weeks? - Field GullsWell respected sources of information on the NFL Lockout have reported palpable optimism as of late and Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal reported this morning that things are going so well that a deal could be reached in two weeks. Here's what he said...