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Re-Live Glory Monday: 2007 Seahawks Win Wild Card Game Against Dallas

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January 6, 2007 is a day that will be forever remembered with glee by Seahawks fans and forever live in infamy for Dallas Cowboys fans - because of one bobbled snap. If I were being honest with you, there's not a lot about that game that I remember other than jumping up and down in joy when he missed that hold. Just before, I had been preparing myself for the inevitable one-minute offense to take the field and try and get a field goal after the Cowboys chipped this thing in. However, one of my better memories as a Seahawk fan would take place when Tony Romo bobbled the snap, stood up, tried to run for it, and was caught from behind by 'Big Play Babs' Jordan Babineaux.

I had a moment of sheer terror thinking that Romo had actually run for a first down at the one yard line -which-, really, would have been worse than a field goal as the Cowboys could have used up the rest of the clock and scored a touchdown. But alas, he came a yard short on the scramble attempt and the Seahawks regained the ball with a one-point lead, ran out the clock, and went on to win the game 21-20. 

So awesome. After the jump, check out a fan's video of the moment and then a replay from the telecast. It's great to hear how frickin loud it got in Qwest that night.

Where were you when it happened?