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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks' Links

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis. You name it, I got it here for you. Happy Hump Day everyone. Get your mind out of the gutters and read some football stuff.

NFL lockout has forced St. Louis Rams WR Brandon Gibson to get creative - Turf Show Times: "Meeting up just once a month, there are still the days in between to fill. And Gibson's found an interesting way to fill those days, get his routes in and stay in shape.  It's kind of up in the air what to do. Some guys grab guys and they all workout. I've also worked out with a bunch of Seahawks players because I'm from Seattle. They've been very welcoming and Matt Hasselbeck is a good guy and he was there leading the charge."

Carroll coaching the coaches on Friday | Seahawks Insider: ""There’s nothing that we would like to see more than to elevate Golden’s effectiveness," Carroll said. "We just didn’t get him over the hump last year, and we need to do that. He’ll be in position to take over a huge role for us.""

Seahawks' Pete Carroll: "Huge Role" for Golden Tate in 2011 - The Daily Drip - SB Nation Seattle: Pete Carroll talked with the Tacoma News Tribune's Eric Williams recently and Williams passed on some really interesting comments from the Seahawks' head coach. Of note was Carroll's statements on wide receiver Golden Tate

Seattle Seahawks' WR Kris Durham Can Jump Over His Mother - The Daily Drip - SB Nation SeattleI think it's safe to say that Seattle Seahawk Kris Durham is athletic. This was pretty obvious after seeing his 4.42 forty time, 36" vertical jump, 10'01" broad jump and 6.89 3-cone drill while considering this is all coming from a guy that's 6'5, 215 pounds.

Seahawks Blog | Kris Durham: Jumping at the opportunity | Seattle Times Newspaper: "Receiver Kris Durham is cut from the same bolt of extremely athletic, but he's not a player the Seahawks took a late-round flier on. He was a fourth-round pick, which shows the team has a higher level of expectation for him. He was not invited to the NFL scouting combine, and his selection caught many analysts off-guard. "It had nothing to do with his height or his athleticism or his hands," Schneider said in a video posted on "It was basically all about the fact that he was able to jump over his mother in a parking lot … And the interesting thing is his mom is actually 6 foot 2."" news: Protect and serve: NFL's best O-linemen come in all forms: "When talking about the best offensive linemen in the NFL, it's easy to mention left tackles because they play an elite position and are typically the best paid. But there's so much more to the success of an offensive line."

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Broken Tackles 2010 Part II: "Today, more of our series presenting various 2010 stats from the multitude of Football Outsiders spreadsheets. Last week, we looked at broken tackles from the point of view of the defense. Today, let's look at broken tackles from the point of view of the offense."

Broken tackles: Lynch, Forsett lead the way - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "The Seahawks' run blocking wasn't very good on the whole last season. The stats for Lynch and Forsett suffered as a result, but the numbers for broken tackles suggest both men maximized their opportunities. Lynch is a physical runner. He even took out the 49ers' Patrick Willis in one memorable encounter last season. Stats for broken tackles were for the regular season only. Lynch broke eight tackles during a single run against New Orleans in the playoffs. Forsett is shiftier and makes defenders miss."

Free agents who won't break the bank | National Football Post: "Matt Light – New England The Pats could still try and bring Light back, but they drafted Nate Solder in the first round and will want him to play. New England has a history of getting rid of players when they still have something left but not much. Light is 33 years old but he could give a team two good years to go along with solid leadership and the knowledge of how to win. He would be a great fit for a young team that needs some veteran leadership." news: These veteran free agents are better off staying put: "Sidney Rice, WR, Vikings Rice will be the most attractive wideout in free agency, and some team might make things too rich for Minnesota, which has several free agents. The Vikings value Rice and want him back. He would be the featured receiver for new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave, and Rice could form a tandem for years with rookie quarterback Christian Ponder, just like Roddy White did in Atlanta with Matt Ryan. Although Rice's injury history is a legitimate concern, the Vikings need to do what they can to keep him. Without Rice, they're pretty much left with Percy Harvin as the main receiving threat, and he's far better playing out of the slot."

Twitter / @VikingsNow: Basically, Rice is "enthus ...: "Basically, Rice is "enthusiastic" about a potential return to the Vikings but will explore free agency options, Frazier said"

2010 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Guards and Centers | "Pro Football Focus' Khaled Elsayed continues a look at the best and worst in pass protection, this time looking at the NFL's guards and centers."

2010 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Tackles | "Khaled Elsayed opens a series looking at individual players in pass protection by discussing the offensive tackles." news: NFL, players meet in Maryland; Owners asked to open schedule: "The NFL and players resumed their clandestine face-to-face negotiations on Tuesday on Maryland's eastern shore, the third such set of talks they've staged this month as the traditional opening of training camps draws closer, and the sides are expected continue to meet into Wednesday. The parties met for three days in suburban Chicago two weeks ago, in the days leading up to the June 3 injunction appeal hearing before the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and again last week for two days on Long Island, N.Y." news: Photo essay: The 10 worst games of 2010: "The following are 10 turds that almost resembled NFL football." Boy, I'm really glad one of the games I decided to go to in 2010 made this list. Awesome.

Yeah, so Andrew Luck isn’t helping to teach Colin Kaepernick | ProFootballTalk: "About a month ago, we passed along a story about the notion that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck would be helping Colin Kaepernick learn the 49ers playbook because of his history with Jim Harbaugh. It was one of those little lockout special stories that sounded nice.  Apparently, there wasn’t much to it. "Yeah, that was blown way out of proportion," Kaepernick told Matt Maiocco of"

Why Every Team Should Apply the Constraint Theory of Offense | Smart Football: "What kind of offense should you or do you? A typical responses sounds something like: "I run a system with bubble screens, play action passes, screens, and draws." This is a nonsensical answer. That’s not an offense; it’s a collection of plays. An offense consists of what are your base runs, base dropback passes, base options, or whatever else are your base, core plays. The other plays I mentioned are not your offense, they are constraints on the defense, or "constraint plays." The idea is that you have certain plays that always work on the whiteboard against the defense you hope to see — the pass play that always works against Cover 3, the run play that works against the 4-3 under with out the linebackers cheating inside. Yes, it is what works on paper. But we don’t live in a perfect world: the "constraint" plays are designed to make sure you live in one that is as close as possible to the world you want, the world on the whiteboard."

Lebron factor: Fourth-quarter QB mettle - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "A Lebron James discussion broke out on my Facebook wall and I started it. Nineteen comments into the discussion came this question..."

Progress in NFL talks puts deal within reach - The Washington Post: "People following the negotiations closely say a deal is within reach by the end of this month or early next."

Rosenhaus expects Pryor to be a '1st-round pick' - Rosenhaus: "I'm very confident that this drive, this character, this makeup -- along with his incredible physical ability -- he's one of the most gifted quarterbacks that the NFL has seen. For anybody who questions where he's going to be drafted, I expect him to be a first-round pick in the supplemental draft. This league needs quarterbacks. Are you kidding me? Middle round for this guy? You talk about Cam Newton being the first pick of the draft and he deserves it? Let me tell you what, I'll make all the comparisons all day long: [Pryor] is 31-4 at Ohio State. He has 8,000 total yards in three years. He holds 59 touchdowns -- a record at Ohio State. This is Big 10 football that he has dominated."

Most impactful NFL supplemental draft picks - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: "With the news that Terrelle Pryor is skipping his senior season at Ohio State University because of allegations at the school, he is a prime candidate to enter the league's supplemental draft. He has a chance to be something special in the league, whether at wide receiver or... "

Sure Things: Ten developments you can book now - NFL - Football: "The Cincinnati Bengals do nothing with Carson Palmer Sure, they know he's not returning, but this one is president Mike Brown's call, and he's not about to set a precedent by trading an unhappy camper. He didn't do it when Chad Ochocinco wanted out, and he won't do it with Carson Palmer. Granted, there's little comparison between the two, but Brown won't make the distinction here. He can't afford to. This is a business proposition, and if he opens the door for Palmer he opens the door for every miserable soul who wants a seat on the next flight out of Cincinnati. So Palmer won't be traded. Not this year he won't, which means Andy Dalton has a job waiting for him once the lockout ends."

NFC West Blog - ESPN: "Rosenhaus said he expects an NFL team to select Pryor in the first round of the supplemental draft. I've heard nothing from anyone in the NFL suggesting Pryor would command that much value. Rosenhaus might have a better idea, or he might be simply promoting his client. But if Pryor does go early in the supplemental draft, I cannot see him landing in the NFC West. The St. Louis Rams have their current starter. The San Francisco 49ers have their current and projected future starter. The Arizona Cardinals have multiple developmental quarterbacks. They need a veteran to step in and start right away. Pryor does not fit. The Seattle Seahawks have said they could not afford to invest early draft choices in a quarterback given the state of their roster in other areas."