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Seahawks Fans: Know Your Enemy

We're not the only team that wants this guy? Weird.
We're not the only team that wants this guy? Weird.

A true Seahawks fan will be well-versed in his opponents. With that in mind, here is what is going on in the NFC West this week.

St Louis Rams:

Peter King thinks the St. Louis Rams should take a chance on Plaxico - Turf Show Times: "Peter King is the latest pundit to weigh in with some free agent advice for the St. Louis Rams. Why does King like Burress to St. Louis?"

St. Louis Rams left tackle Rodger Saffold among the best in 2010 - Turf Show Times"Rodger Saffold, the St. Louis Rams rookie LT, was among the best in pass protection last year. Is his future on the left side?"

A look at the St. Louis Rams interior line and potential free agents' pass protection stats - Turf Show Times"How did the St. Louis Rams interior lineman do in pass protection last year? And what about those potential free agents?"

Lunch time reading: St. Louis Rams defense ready for a breakout? - Turf Show Times"The St. Louis Rams defense was vastly improved in 2010. Are they due for a decline or an even better season in 2011?"

St. Louis Rams continuing informal workouts in Arizona this weekend - Turf Show Times"Players from the St. Louis Rams will gather again this weekend for informal practices. How much can these sessions really do without coaches on hand to teach players?"

Bradley Fletcher can tackle - Turf Show Times"St. Louis Rams CB Bradley Fletcher is good, really good. What do the stats say about the Rams' third-year CB?"

For those who still think big, think Sidney Rice - Turf Show Times: "Why bother with the spare parts? If the St. Louis Rams want a free agent receiver, Sidney Rice would have a much bigger impact on the Rams offense."

Could Takeo Spikes fit the bill for the St. Louis Rams weakside linebacker? - Turf Show Times"The St. Louis Rams will be looking for free agent patches to their hole at weakside linebacker. Could Takeo Spikes fit the bill?"

For those who still think big, think Sidney Rice - Turf Show Times"Why bother with the spare parts? If the St. Louis Rams want a free agent receiver, Sidney Rice would have a much bigger impact on the Rams offense."



Danny Amendola - a Look Back at 2010 - Turf Show Times: "When the Rams first grabbed him off the Eagles practice squad i'll admit I had my doubts. The kid is talented, has great hands but his size left me wondering. However, the size of his body is no where near the size of his heart and the size of his will to win. Even though the Rams failed to make the playoffs, I don't think any of us could have asked any more from Danny. I'm pretty sure we can all agree on that."

Veteran receivers vs. the youth movement - Turf Show Times"Young receivers or old ones, both options carry question marks for the St. Louis Rams. Which set of possible answers are you more comfortable with?"

AEG approaches St. Louis Rams & four others about purchase and relocation - Turf Show Times"Sports and entertainment giant AEG approached the St. Louis Rams and other NFL teams about purchasing and relocating their franchises. Would the Rams be a serious candidate to be sold and moved again?"

St. Louis Rams defense well represented among NFL most underrated players - Turf Show Times: "St. Louis Rams' DE James Hall ranks among the most underrated players in the NFL right now. Who else from the roster is criminally underrated?"

San Francisco 49ers:

Frank Gore On Third Down Alongside Anthony Dixon And Kendall Hunter - Niners Nation"We take a look at Frank Gore's performances on third down and what the additions of Anthony Dixon and Kendall Hunter could mean for the running back rotation."

2011 NFL Free Agency Primer: The Cornerback Position And The San Francisco 49ers - Niners Nation"Today, I am going to take a look at the cornerback market in free agency, and what players may or may not be available. Unlike the safety position, it is pretty obvious the 49ers are in desperate need of upgrade at corner. Whether or not they release or restructure Nate Clements, San Francisco still needs to find a viable #1 corner in the market this off-season.  Luckily for San Francisco, there seem to be a nice amount of options."

Frank Gore And Broken Tackles...Or Lack There Of - Niners Nation"We break down Frank Gore's relatively low broken tackle per touch rate and try to figure out what causes it."

Moran Norris Ain't Gonna Cut It: Why Nate Byham Hurts The 49ers Offense - Niners Nation"A look at why the lack of a good run-blocking fullback hurts the 49ers offense in multiple ways, and why Nate Byham contributes to predictability."

49ers OT Joe Staley: Smaller, Quicker, Better? - Niners Nation: "We take a look at the news that 49ers OT Joe Staley has lost some weight and increased his speed."

Josh Morgan: Under The Radar Character? - Niners Nation"We take a look at some amusing comments from 49ers wide receiver Josh Morgan."

Do The 49ers Need A Veteran Wide Receiver To Pair With Michael Crabtree? - Niners Nation"We take a look at whether a veteran wide receiver could help figure out whatever is the issue with Michael Crabtree."

2011 NFL Free Agent Primer: Best Case Scenario - Niners Nation"On Monday I took a look at how free agency would look like if it were to move forward with 2010 rules. This wouldn't be the best case scenario for a number of reasons. First, it would most likely mean that a new CBA wouldn't have been agreed upon. Secondly, it would extremely limit teams ability to upgrade through free agency during the summer. This would have a direct impact on our San Francisco 49ers. If a new CBA is agreed upon there promises to be new rules guiding the signing process and there promises to be a larger number of impact players on the market. Let me address this via bullet point."

49ers "Camp Alex" Notes, Day 3: Wittle bwisters Keep Crabtree Off Field - Niners Nation"Day three of Camp Alex wraps up with Michael Crabtree again not taking the field."

49ers' OL Adam Snyder: Factoring Into The Center Position? - Niners Nation"We take a look at where Adam Snydermight fit into the 49ers offensive line depth chart in 2011."

2011 Free Agency Primer: 49ers Free Agents And The "Systems" - Niners Nation"The last couple of days I have looked at two possible free agent systems that could occur when free agency begins at some point this summer, which I am confident it will. One article looked at the 2010 free agent system and how that would impact a possible 2011 system. The other article looked at a new CBA and what both sides are working towards in their negotiations." 

Alex Smith And Michael Crabtree Have Reportedly "Cleared The Air" - Niners Nation"We take a look at news that Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree have cleared the air in private and what Smith will say during his afternoon press conference following practice."

49ers Minicamp Concludes: Alex Smith & Michael Crabtree Are Cool - Niners Nation"We take a look at 49ers QB Alex Smith's comments about his relationship with WR Michael Crabtree."

Caption This: Still No Football? - Niners Nation"Have a little fun with your football by taking part in this humorous weekly segment at"

Arizona Cardinals:

Arizona Cardinals Playcalling Trends - Revenge of the Birds: "PFF released an article about playcalling and coaches. This looks at the numbers for the Arizona Cardinals."

Adrian Wilson Discusses NFL Lockout, Injury, New Defense in 2011 - Revenge of the Birds: "Adrian Wilson was on the radio on Monday in Phoenix. A look at what he said and what it might mean."

Video Of The Day: Ryan Williams Highlights - Revenge of the Birds"Day two looks at the Running Back the Cards took in the second round."

NFL Free Agency: Which Wide Receiver Would You Target? - Revenge of the Birds"A look at which older receiver readers would target if they had to choose."

Looking At The Cardinals' Pass Protection - Revenge of the Birds"PFF breaks down pass protection stats in two articles. A look at those number for the Arizona Cardinals."

Nothing New With Larry Fitzgerald Declaration That He Doesn't 'Want To Go Anywhere' - Revenge of the Birds"In a recent interview, Larry Fitzgerald says he wants to remain an Arizona Cardinal beyond this season. This is good to hear, but it is nothing new."

Video Of The Day: Anthony Sherman Highlights - Revenge of the Birds"Day three looks at the Cardinals' new Fullback."

Arizona Cardinals Positional Review/Preview: The Defensive Backs - Revenge of the Birds: "A positional breakdown of the defensive backfield of the Arizona Cardinals."

Why Matt Hasselbeck Might Make Sense For Arizona Cardinals - Revenge of the Birds"Since Peter King thinks that Arizona is the most likely spot for Matt Hasselbeck to play football in 2011. A look at why he isn't a bad choice."

Expect Broken Tackle Problems To Improve In 2011 For Arizona Cardinals - Revenge of the Birds"Statistic showed that the Arizona Cardinals had trouble bringing guys down. A look at how their new DC will improve that."

Video(s) Of The Day: Sam Acho Highlights - Revenge of the Birds"Day four looks at the Outside Linebacker who has quickly become a fan favorite at RotB."

Arizona Cardinals Positonal Review/Preview: Running Backs - Revenge of the Birds"Continuing a look at the different positions for the Arizona Cardinals, this article breaks down the running back position."

Looking More Into Individual Pressure Allowed Stats For Arizona Cardinals - Revenge of the Birds: "A more individual breakdown of pass blocking stats on the Arizona Cardinals."