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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks' Links

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis. You name it, I got it here for you.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: Adam Caplan Clueless on Seattle: "I'm a little surprised by how FOX Sports' Adam Caplan graded Seattle's draft yesterday. I've made no secret of my disappointment in this one-dimensional draft, but it's funny that Caplan gives a similar "meh" grade while appearing poorly informed on the state of the team. Let's delve in."

2010 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Tight Ends | "Moving on from the offensive line, Khaled Elsayed of Pro Football Focus now look sat tight ends in pass protection in 2010 and over the past three years." The numbers here don't look good for John Carlson with regards to pass blocking.

Ultimate Standings 2011 - No. 61 - Seattle Seahawks - ESPN:

Last Year's Rank: 83
Title Track: 64
Ownership: 48
Coaching: 37
Players: 69
Fan Relations: 59
Affordability: 87
Stadium Experience: 13
Bang for the Buck: 74 

Seattle's Qwest Field has long been a popular venue with fans, and with good reason. The 12th Man tradition, great site lines, easy access via mass transit and local faves like Top Pot doughnuts (Glazed Old Fashioned or sprinkles in Seahawks colors) keep fans psyched and coming back. But it wouldn't be Seattle if Qwest weren't also among the league's greenest facilities. Ninety percent of food and beverage packaging is recyclable or compostable, and there are more than 600 bins throughout the stadium for proper disposal. On the field, the Seahawks are in the midst of their own renewal program. In his first season as head coach, the terminally enthusiastic Pete Carroll drastically reshaped Seattle's roster (more than 150 roster moves between his hiring and the regular-season opener) and led the team to an NFC West title. Yes, it was with a 79 regular-season record, but a first-round playoff upset of New Orleans made 2010 a nice stepping stone from two moribund seasons (nine wins total.) That, and those doughnuts, explains the 22-spot jump in our Standings.

Offseason Pigskinpalooza: Ranking the quiet NFL - ESPN: "16. Seattle Seahawks: Have you seen the show "The Killing" on AMC? It is set in Seattle and it rains constantly on the show. Downpour rain. Almost every scene. It's completely ridiculous and can't be good for the national perception of Seattle. It's like the Seahawks of televised weather systems."

Why the salary cap hurts football | National Football Post: "The cap operates like a progressive income tax, redistributing the roster depth of a championship team to allow "parity." Cap limitations mean that a team can no longer have Pro Bowl and star players at every starting position, even if it has drafted and coached them in a superior way. Financial limitations prevent a team from being able to afford the cap hit from five star offensive linemen. The concept of "team" is undercut."

These 10 Panthers watching the potential end of the lockout with keen interest: "DE Charles Johnson: He had an incredible season in 2010, but with only four years of experience, Johnson is among those waiting to find out if he’ll be unrestricted or restricted. If he hits the open market, look for him to break the bank with a huge contract. Presumably, teams will be given a brief window to re-sign their own free agents before other teams get a shot at them. In all likelihood Johnson will wind up re-signing with the Panthers during that period.   

QB Matt Moore: Like Johnson and Anderson, Moore is a four-year veteran whose contract has expired. But Moore’s biggest concern may not be whether he’s a free agent or not, but if the Panthers sign a veteran free agent to tutor Cam Newton and Jimmy Clausen. Moore wants to return to Carolina, but he knows if the Panthers sign a veteran he’s likely headed out the door and could end up in Miami. For now, Moore is a little like the Maytag repair man, just sitting and waiting… and waiting.   

CB Richard Marshall: Marshall is another four-year veteran and has made it pretty clear he’d like to move on since the Panthers seem unwilling to give him a big contract. It’s unclear if the rules will prevent him from exploring his options. If he's a restricted free agent, he could return, although a holdout there is an option."

Warner keeps beating Palmer-to-Cards drum - "A couple months ago, Kurt Warner made it very clear on a radio appearance that he believed Carson Palmer would succeed in Arizona, stating that Palmer would be "tremendous" in that system. (Oddly: a few months ago I thought the Cardinals might "have a look" at Cam Newton. Wow.) Well, Warner repeated those marks after the Cards wrapped up their draft and didn't address the quarterback position, stating on the Dan Patrick Show that Palmer would be a better fit for the Cardinals than Marc Bulger, Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb. "I would take Carson," Warner said. He also apparently said that Palmer is in a "crazy" situation (Cincinnati, everyone!) but that the former Heisman-Trophy winner would thrive in Arizona."

Cards' concerns on offense go deeper than quarterback - NFL - Football: "With the NFL lockout affording ample time, the Cardinals' quarterback search has become a disturbingly detailed Arizona obsession. As fans and journalists dissect each of Kevin Kolb's 319 career attempts, the significance of Kyle Orton's fourth-quarter passer rating, Carson Palmer's remaining resolve, Matt Hasselbeck's remaining cartilage, and Marc Bulger's inner fire, it's easy to overlook Arizona's other offensive woes. "Any time you go 5-11 and have the 31st-rated offense, it's obvious you didn't perform well enough as a group," Cards offensive coordinator Mike Miller said. "The quarterbacks certainly had a hand in that performance last season, but that doesn't take the blame off the other positions.""

Former Louisville QB Froman mulling post-lockout options - Inside the 49ers: "The unanswered question: Is the former Louisville quarterback interested in signing with the 49ers? In regards to his likely NFL suitors, Froman conceded this week that he’s "leaning one way," but didn’t divulge what direction that is. The 49ers, Dolphins and Falcons called the Santa Rosa native on the final day of the draft and expressed interest in selecting him. Froman believes the calls were inspired by the lockout. Since teams couldn’t contact potential rookie free agents after the draft, they did so during their brief window of opportunity."

Chat wrap: Worst offensive line in NFL? - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "Brandon from Everett, Wash., asks what I make of Darrell Bevell's call to Matt Hasselbeck when the lockout was briefly lifted.

Mike Sando: That affirmed the Seahawks' interest in bringing back Matt Hasselbeck without revealing what the team would pay for him. It was a nice gesture, but not a surprising one. Bevell and Hasselbeck go back years to Green Bay. They would be a good match. Bevell is the perfect person to reach out to Hasselbeck given their background."

Ravens' Cory Redding: Q&A - Baltimore Beat Down: "Through Laura Montez of Montez PR, I was able to get a few questions to Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Cory Redding. Redding spent six seasons with the Detroit Lions and one with the Seattle Seahawks before coming to Baltimore in 2010. He finished with 42 tackles, three sacks and one interception, solid numbers for the eight year NFL veteran. With the off-season continuing a lot longer than anyone expected, I wanted to know what he was doing, other than hosting his 5th annual football camp in Houston, Texas next week."

Twitter / @glennonsports: #Titans' Palmer says he's ...: "#Titans' Palmer says he's known veteran QB Mat Hasselbeck since 1986. Also knows entire Hasselbeck family well."

Kevin Kolb is the next Tom Brady. Carson Palmer is a big quitter. And Kenny Britt is a troubled soul. It's Sizzle and Fizzle time - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN: "OK. Let’s stop pretending. Kevin Kolb is going to the Arizona Cardinals. Congratulations to the Cards on getting their quarterback of the present and future. It will be (it is) a brilliant trade for the Cards. Move up Larry Fitzgerald on your fantasy board. Don’t be afraid. Go buy a Kolb Cardinals jersey. I can’t wait to hear Dave Pasch call "Kolb to Fitzgerald" touchdowns on the Cardinals' radio network. The Cards are now the favorites in the NFC West. And if you don’t believe me, ask Kolb’s "former" Eagles teammate Trent Cole. Cole revealed, "Kolb can play. He is very, very accurate. I compare him to Tom Brady. I really do. They can both throw it downfield. But they both know how to use the entire field. They can take five yards and work with that, make it 10 or 15 with yards after the catch. Kolb can make every throw. He knows where his players are. He, like Brady, is a great leader.""

Beanie Wells surprised the Cardinals took a running back | ProFootballTalk: ""This is definitely going to be my year without a doubt," Wells said on The Fan AM 1060, via Thursday. "This is my third year and three strikes and you’re out, and I’m definitely not striking out. I am ready to tear it up. It’s my time and I am ready to go out and prove that.""