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Coffee and Cigarettes

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Here are some links that, if you click them, will take you to strange and wondrous places (suitable for work though, sorry).

Faces of lockout: Seahawks' Maurice Kelly - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "The NFL lockout has put players and owners in limbo. The ripple effects are also felt by people whose lives or businesses touch their teams." - Milloy quietly mulling over future in Seattle: "Mum remains the word on whether or not Seahawks veteran free agent SS Lawyer Milloy will return for a 16th NFL campaign." news: Let's go old school with uniforms: "Seattle Seahawks (road) The Seahawks had one of the best color schemes in the NFL, and they had to go out and ruin it. And then the club further started thumbing its nose at the team's fans by going to a lime-green alternate uniform. Why would the Seahawks ever want to shy away from this classic look? Plus this makes for a good fashion matchup against other teams." news: Let's go old school with uniforms: "Seattle Seahawks (home) NFL Films recently showed Emmitt Smith breaking the all-time rushing mark, a moment that was ruined because the Seahawks were wearing some horrific dark uniforms. At some point, I figure the NFL Films crew will have to re-edit the footage to put the Seahawks in their proper royal blue uniforms with the silver pants. Silver pants and silver helmets work great with white uniforms."

NFL player lockout sees secret meeting in Chicago's western suburbs - "NFL labor strike sees secret negotiations near an obscure Chicago airport -- a report on the Chicago Tribune's airport stakeout."

Leading Off: Alex Smith shows he can be 49ers' leader - Sacramento Sports - Kings, 49ers, Raiders, High School Sports | Sacramento Bee: "After seven years, we still don't know if Smith is the 49ers' quarterback of the future. What's clear is that he is acting like a starting quarterback right now."

Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State teammates reportedly eligible for NFL's supplemental draft - NFL - Sporting News: A look at the Ohio State players that could be entering the supplemental draft.

Grossman's toughness doesn't make up for lack of talent - NFL - Sporting News: Russ Lande on Rex Grossman.

49ers Blog and Q&A: Goldson, Willis among NFL group training in L.A. area: "Gaines said Goldson is part of a group of a dozen or so defensive backs that includes veterans like Eagles cornerback Joselio Hanson and rookies like Baltimore's Jimmy Smith. "Dashon - he's done a good job in leading those DBs," Gaines said. "He's definitely one of the leaders."" My new favorite free agent safety for the Seahawks to pursue and pluck from the 49ers, Dashon Goldson, is apparently developing into a leader. Nice.

And finally,

Adidas "Hail Mary" on Vimeo:

This is our own Walter Thurmond III. Good to see him getting some endorsement love already.

Adidas "Hail Mary" from D!GBY / DiGBY on Vimeo.