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BREAKING: NFL Lockout Update -Possible Breakthrough; Settlement Discussions

Just figure it out please.
Just figure it out please.

Ok so I wanted to get this up quickly because some exciting things are happening today in the lockout talks between the NFLPA and the Owners. The information at the moment is scarce, but apparently key owners and player reps have sequestered themselves together at a secret meeting place (or what was supposed to be secret), and "settlement" talks are taking place. From what I can glean from various Twitter accounts, notably Daniel Kaplin, Albert Breer, Andrew Brandt, and Peter King, this is potentially very, very good.

Here's what Breer says: "OK, in layman's terms ... Parties are in "settlement discussions", per the court, which isn't the same, but not far from CBA negotiations. ... In 1993, the last time issues this serious existed, the NFL and players reached a "settlement". Terms of the next CBA were in it."

According to Kaplin, (and originally reported by John Clayton I think.. not sure who broke it first),"The Minnesota Federal Court has cancelled mediation set next week saying it is engaged in confidential settlement talks with the parties."

Andrew Brandt added, "Mediation cancelled next week, as per (Kaplin). Means more negotiating, less lawyering after hearing tmrw. Hope floats."

Per Peter King:Re "settlement talks:" Could be significant, because players have wanted talks w/power-brokers who could make a deal. That's what this is."

In a nutshell, it could signal the beginning of some sort of solution to this stalemate. Something to keep an eye on as the day goes on and into tomorrow.