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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks' Links for Monday

Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis. You name it, I got it here for you.

More info on the Raheem Brock arrest - "Apparently, Brock’s party was asked to leave the Copacabana because a woman who was with Brock had brought in food from another restaurant. So, the party left without paying its bar tab. The restaurant called the police, and officers found Brock at a restaurant across the street. "He wouldn't come outside and wouldn't comply with the officers," police spokesman Tanya Little told the paper. "They tried to put the handcuffs on him and he resisted."  Little said Brock wasn’t violent with the officers, but the original responders called for backup to help subdue him. Brock was released without bail, and he has a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday."

Specter: Congress Should Intervene to End NFL Lockout | PoliticsPA: "Arlen Specter knows how to make news. In an op-ed to the New York Times this weekend, the long-serving U.S. Senator urged Congressional action to solve the seemingly intractable National Football League players’ strike and owners’ lockout. Citing the $5 billion economic impact that the 2011 season is projected to have (not including ticket sales and TV revenue), Specter argued that the antitrust exemptions granted the NFL by Congress gives the government leverage in the situation."

Dear Seahawks Fans, Maybe It’s Time To Let Matt Hasselbeck Go - |: "He is the best quarterback in franchise history outside of maybe Dave Krieg, but maybe it’s time to say goodbye to Matt Hasselbeck (if that is what he wants). For months, I’ve wanted Hasselbeck to come back and that can still happen. But as the off-season has dragged on with little movement in the NFL labor talks between the owners and players, I’ve come to realize maybe it’s better Seattle does not resign Hasselbeck and just go with Charlie Whitehurst."

Mac's Football Blog: Report: Seahawks Expected to Sign Matt Leinart: "Charlie Whitehurst is the only quarterback the Seahawks' have under contract for 2011. Whitehurst is due $4 million in non-guaranteed base salary, did not "wow" anyone in his first season in Seattle, and is unsigned beyond this season, making it likely that up to three quarterbacks will be added before the Seahawks open training camp."

Despite lockout, Carroll still competing - Blog - ""We've been doing everything that we normally do," Carroll explained. "It's been normal for us with the exception of being on the field with the players. Of course it's not normal that we don't get to see them working out and all that, but we've done all of our work, we're ready for the season.""

Gabe Carimi: Chicago Bears top pick just wants to play - Chicago Tribune: "Whatever way it goes, Carimi doesn't just talk with confidence, he exudes it. He has been working out at Wisconsin with John Moffitt (Seahawks) and Bill Nagy (Cowboys), teammates who also were drafted, as well as former Badger Eric Vanden Heuvel (Ravens). Now, he's giving his body a rest and doing a little traveling, including a trip to Florida for the NFL's rookie symposium."

Waiting Game: The NFL Lockout and Nate Williams: "Nate Williams, a former Husky Safety and a recent UW graduate, is one of many that has had his NFL career and his NFL dream on hold as he waits for the lockout to lift. As of now, no team can even contact him, no team can even email him, he has no idea if teams are interested in him or not. He doesn’t know where he will live or where he will play, he could play anywhere in the country. It could be the New York Giants, the Seattle Seahawks, the San Diego Charger, or the Atlanta Falcons. Everything about his future is on hold and in waiting as the NFL remains locked out."

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post: "*Chances are looking good that the Seahawks may have two new quarterbacks by the time camp opens. They tried to re-sign Matt Hasselbeck before the lockout started and couldn’t come to terms. Now they may move on if they can find a better alternative (hello, Kevin Kolb) as a starter. Getting hurt in each of the last three years has left Hasselbeck vulnerable in Seattle. And it would almost be an upset if the Seahawks didn’t sign Matt Leinart to come in as a backup. The Seahawks might not be crazy about what they have seen of Leinart on tape, but coach Pete Carroll has won a lot of games with him, and he thinks he can win some more."

Redskins, other NFL players say informal workouts are better than nothing during lockout - The Washington Post: "Players are quick to admit that their efforts are no match for what the team provides, but say the workouts are better than doing nothing at all."

Oakland Raiders' Taiwan Jones takes unconventional journey to NFL - San Jose Mercury News: "Taiwan Jones reads football defenses as if he has a cheat sheet. Recognizing and understanding the written word has proved to be a much tougher obstacle. In keeping with his style, Jones stared down the challenge presented by dyslexia and landed a job with the Raiders after being forced to take an unconventional path from high school."

Possible position switch would be a challenge for Pryor - NFL - - "But if he can't, and some club decides that Pryor's best chance of playing in the league is at wide receiver -- a quarterback chosen in any round of the supplemental draft since the Giants took Dave Brown in the first in 1992 -- onetime UCLA quarterback-turned-NFL-wide receiver Drew Bennett has some advice for the erstwhile Ohio State star: Buy into the change."

10 players to track this summer | National Football Post: "The mock draft feature will be launching at the beginning of July, so if you have any questions between now and then, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or at In addition, I’ll be holding several mock drafts and live chats throughout the upcoming weeks that you are welcome to attend. As for today’s fantasy homework assignment, it’s time to start getting familiar with some of the best value picks that will be on the board come August."

Who are the lockout's biggest losers? | National Football Post: "Rookie Free Agents Usually rookie free agents are signed within a few hours of the draft ending. Because of the lockout, no rookie free agents have been signed yet. None of these kids have a clue as to where they will be playing. On top of that, they lost time to impress coaches during the mini-camps, offseason program and OTA’s. With a good impression in the offseason program, a coach can then plan as to how to utilize the player when camp opens. That won’t be the case in 2011. When camps open, because the coaches lost all that offseason preparation time, they will not have the time to be "trying out free agents." Their main focus will be getting the team prepared to open the season. If an undrafted free agent does not show some "special" talent in the first week of camp he may have lost his opportunity to make a team."

Behind the Mic presented by Allstate - Collinsworth: The impact of an abbreviated training camp -