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Seahawks' Qwest Field Officially Changing Name to CenturyLink Field


In what was an expected move, the Seahawks stadium formerly known as Qwest Field will now go by CenturyLink Field. The team announced the change this morning, and there has been some discord among fans on the new name. Personally, I like it, and will thus refer to our home stadium as The CLink, a name that conjures up images of hardcore prisons like Alcatraz or Pelican Bay. The name 'Qwest Field' never really struck a chord with me, and always reminded me more of "The Neverending Story" or "The Lord of the Rings" more than a badass football team. Now, with a prison/jail-conjuring name and a hopefully gritty team of dirtbags, we can say things like, "Seahawks' opponents have now been sentenced to 60 minutes in the CLink, a miserable experience for anyone not in Cobalt Blue." Or, something like that.

If I wasn't so lazy, I could think up some more melodramatic vignettes of why I think the CLink is a cool name, but I want to get your take. Do you like the new name, CenturyLink Field? Do you have any other cool nicknames you'd like to submit?

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