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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks' Links for Wednesday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis. You name it, I got it here for you. Happy Hump Day. There's not a whole lot going on with the Seahawks right now but there is a frenzy of lockout activity so I linked up to a bunch of that stuff this morning after the jump.

Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times Newspaper: "And while the stadium isn't going away, maybe this is a good moment to summarize the signature moments in the seven seasons of Qwest Field. Here's my top 10, and please feel free to offer critiques and feedback:"

Clayton thinks Seahawks won't re-sign Raheem Brock - Daily Links Blog - ""I think their minds are pretty much made up that they weren't going to sign him," Clayton said Monday on the Kevin Calabro Show. "Now if he would go out in free agency and get nothing I think they would take him back, but I don't think he was on their big list as far as bringing him back because No.1 he's older, and even though he was great in what he was able to do last year and surprised everybody being such a good sack guy, I think they wanted to get younger and go in a different direction."" Blogs " Blog Archive Data Points: Plenty of pass-rush values ": "That’s a good question, and late-round picks and undrafted rookie free agents have shown they can crash pockets and put up sacks. In fact, the chart below lists the top sack artists among players taken in the sixth round or later. All but one – Seattle’s Raheem Brock, a seventh-round pick in 2002  – weren’t even get drafted." news: Canadian Football League back on NFL Network: "Two Canadian Football League games per week will be broadcast on NFL Network in the United States this season, the Canadian Football League and NFL Network announced Tuesday. NFL Network's telecast of 2011 CFL regular season games is a part of a new agreement with the CFL. The network also has the option to show additional games in the regular season, the CFL Playoffs and the Grey Cup championship game."

Raheem Brock explains arrest, entertains " Seahawks Draft Blog: "Raheem Brock, who is due to be a free agent whenever the lockout does end, has tried to make life a little bit more interesting over the last week or so." Good article by Rob and he points out that Raheem Brock had some tantalizing tidbits of rumor on hisTwitter account when he stated that Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress might end up in Seattle. 

Brock baffled by restaurant calling cops | ProFootballTalk: "Raheem Brock was arrested last week for allegedly skipping out on a restaurant check, and at first he refused to talk about what happened. But now Brock is talking -- and he says he's shocked that the restaurant called the police and shocked that the police arrested him."

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Under The Cap: Rookie Signings: "In order to preserve a normal training camp and preseason, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has said a new labor deal would need to be in place by July 4. Of course, if 2011 at all resembled a normal NFL offseason, teams would be wrapping up their "Organized Team Activity" sessions this week before taking six weeks off before training camp. This would also be the stretch of the offseason where football administration departments would be attempting to get their unsigned draft choices under contract."

Fantasy Football - Footballguys Fantasy Football - Reading The Defense - Preseason Part 1: "If you're a fantasy owner, especially one that plays in a league using IDPs, you should be getting ready for the season as you usually would every summer. That means scouring depth charts, making projections, deciding who "your guys" are (and are not) and starting to get excited for the fall. Ordinarily, this first volume of the RTD Offseason Report would focus on the offseason coaching changes and free agent movement. But I'm taking this first volume in a different direction this year." Jene Bremel is the main writer that helped me out with the Pete Carroll 4-3 Under series and knows his football so if you're a fantasy football guy, this article might be interesting. 

Ex-Seahawks Star Walter Jones Lists 'Bama Mansion, Complete With Football Field " Real Estate News ", North Andover, MA: "Not many people have a regulation-sized football field with NFL standard goal posts in each end zone included on their property. But, if you're a nine-time Pro Bowl selection and six-time All-Pro NFL player, you do. Meet Walter Jones, the former Seattle Seahawks' left tackle who broadcaster John Madden says "might be the best left tackle to ever play in the NFL."After Jones retired from football in 2010, he decamped to a 13,000-square foot mansion on 14 acres in Harvest, AL that comes with a full-sized football field in the backyard. According to reports, Jones moved into the home in 2005. Jones' home is on the Harvest real estate market for $3.5 million."

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Hawk Blogger Podcast: Special Guest, ESPN's Mike Salk: "I don't always agree with Salk, and it was one of those clashes that initially led to my interaction with him. Salk has been asked to take on a national Saturday night slot for ESPN, and fills in regularly for Doug Gottlieb. He may only be in Seattle for a few more years, so it was my pleasure to spend 20+ minutes talking about what it's like to do his job, his views on Pete Carroll, and whether he believes bloggers are good or bad . If you don't already, I strongly recommend a follow for Salk on Twitter."

Top 10 Defensive Tackles in N.F.L. - "8. Aubrayo Franklin, 49ers (NR) On a typical down will fight two opponents to a stalemate. That’s exactly what you want from your nose tackle." I only link to this because how great would it be to steal a NT like Franklin from the 49ers? He is currently a free-agent. 

Tackling Linebackers | "Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus continues his look at the most efficient tacklers of 2010, now focusing on the linebackers."

Lockout Stuff:

Report: New CBA would include 16-game Thursday night TV package | ProFootballTalk: "With the NFL trying to get the players to take less per dollar in the hopes of getting more total dollars and with the players reluctant to grow the pie by growing the regular season, we've been mentioning two primary commitments that the players should be requesting:  (1) a certain date for the NF..." news: Colts' Irsay: 'This is the time to get something done': "Following five and a half hours of owners meetings in Chicago Tuesday, players and owners will resume negotiations Wednesday. The Associated Press reports the meetings will take place in Boston. With the league and players in the midst of a critical juncture in negotiations, representatives from all 32 teams convened near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport for the first labor-specific meeting since the NFL lockout began more than three months ago." news: Source: Owners, players discussing almost 50/50 revenue split: "NFL owners and players are discussing a straight split of income in the next collective bargaining agreement that would net the players just under 50 percent of total revenues."

The NFL Lockout: A Policy With No Teeth? - SportsMoney - news on the business of sports - Forbes: "Despite what has gone on in courtrooms thus far, it is likely that neither the National Football League (NFL) nor the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has the stomach for the ruling yet-to-come from the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit."

Lockout: Sources reveal details of proposed NFL CBA - ESPN: "Among the details NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is revealing to owners Tuesday at the owners' meeting in Rosemont, Ill., is that in the next proposed agreement players will receive a 48 percent share of "all revenue," without the $1-billion-plus credit off the top that had been a point of contention in earlier negotiations, according to sources familiar with the presentation. Under the new formula being negotiated, players will receive 48 percent of all revenue and will never dip below a 46.5 percent take of the money, sources said."

Owners sound positive in Chicago - "CHICAGO -- NFL owners are behind locked doors for their scheduled meeting Tuesday, and they're not talking about staying overnight. That is positive, only because it might be a sign that there isn't enough opposition among owners to block a potential deal. Owners were supposed to be divided on negotitating issues and were told to prepare to stay through Wednesday. But it appears that opposition is not substantial -- at least not substantial enough to warrant two days of talks. If nothing else, Tuesday's meeting gives all owners a chance to voice their concerns ... or their support ... and to hear from commissioner Roger Goodell where talks are headed. And I'll be honest: Right now it appears they're headed to a settlement sometime in July.."

Time for Goodell to build bridges, unify owners - NFL - Football: "After NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in 2010 pushed through a modified sudden-death overtime proposal that had lukewarm support among owners and general managers, Sports Illustrated hailed him as a "consensus-building diplomat" and compared him to former commissioner Pete Rozelle. Rozelle was the quintessential deal-maker, a guy who knew how to work a room to get what he wanted and wouldn't stop lobbying until he had the votes -- a quality Goodell demonstrated years later when he pushed through a proposal head coaches opposed. So what? So, now more than ever, Goodell needs to work the room again."

NFL, players bring labor momentum to owner meetings in Chicago - Don Banks - "It's not quite make or break time in the NFL's months-long labor fight, but that critical point figures to be clearly visible from where the league owners stand once they convene in Chicago for one or perhaps two days of meetings that start Tuesday near O'Hare International Airport."

Owners' attempts to divide NFL players aren't working - NFL - Football: "The story begins with a phone call from an NFL owner to a star player. The owner wasn't calling to ask how's the family. It didn't take long for the owner to begin criticizing NFLPA leader DeMaurice Smith. The owner began questioning Smith's strategy of litigation, saying solving the labor dispute through the courts rather than negotiating wasn't smart. The player listened and when the conversation ended he promptly informed the NFLPA."

What to expect from the owners meetings - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports: "On the 102nd day of the lockout — by far the longest work stoppage in NFL history — 32 owners and other NFL movers and shakers convene in Chicago for what may be the most important series of meetings since the last Collective Bargaining Agreement was ratified in March of 2006. Here's a brief guide on what to expect out of these meetings; we'll of course have a wrap-up as soon as there's substantive news."

Sense of hope evident at NFL owners meetings - ""I think that's the hope,'' Irsay said. "I think the logic that you're pushing on both sides is saying why get a deal Oct. 1 or whenever when you could have had July 7 or whatever. It just makes sense to continue to have a feeling of urgency and to work to try to get something done.   "That's my hope. But these things are tough. They're fragile. And that's the reason I think you just have to keep working at it.''"