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Seahawks on the Airwaves: DB Roy Lewis on the NFL Lockout, His Rehab, and Matt Hasselbeck

Seahawks defensive back Roy Lewis was on Dave Softy Mahler's show on Tuesday and talked on a couple subjects. I've transcribed some some of the remarks he made on what he's doing during the lockout, his views on an 18-game season, and what he thinks of free agent Matt Hasselbeck's return. 

Mahler first asked him about the 18-game season and Lewis had some good points. Lewis provides a great perspective because he's a guy that went undrafted out of the University of Washington and played his way onto the Hawks' roster through hard work and contributing on special teams. He said:

"I don't know one player that is in favor of an 18 game season. It just asks too much. And if it wasn't for the preseason, guys like myself and a host of other guys in the NFL wouldn't be in the league. You know, young guys NEED the preseason, in order to prove to coaches that "hey, I want to make a (difference) on these special teams, I can run down there, I can make plays. If you limit guys to two games to be evaluated, you're going to see a lot less (UDFA, late round) guys that are going to become a veteran type leader."

"Guys get evaluated (in the preseason). I am a product of preseason (games) one through four. Every year, (you) go into preseason, you have to compete. A lot of guys come into the same situation or you know, the same standards that I came in under, which is about half of the league, you know, you got undrafted free agents trying to come in and make a name for themselves."

Lewis makes a great point with this and brings up the exact reason that I actually really enjoy the preseason. I really like to take a look at what the younger guys can do in a game situation. I know that preseason doesn't really matter for the starting players but it's a great opportunity to showcase your team's young talent that otherwise wouldn't see the field. Justin Forsett, in 2009, did exactly this and now is one of the Seahawks' better offensive weapons. So if you're asking me, I hope they stick with 16 in the regular season and 4 preseason games. Frankly, I love the preseason. 

Mahler moved on and asked Roy to talk about what he's been doing in the offseason and where he's been working out. Lewis replied:

"What I'm doing, I'm currently in, actually, I'm in physical therapy, in rehab. I rehab every single day at a great place in Sammamish. Myself, Deon Butler, Colin Cole, we come out to a place called G2 Therapy. It's a great facility, they take care of us, they treat us well, we even had a special guest visit us there, Nate Burleson came up there the other day, so (laughing), they do a great job, and I'm here everyday, putting the hours in rehabbing, getting ready to go because you just don't know. So it's become our second home."

On whether he took part in the offseason organized activities that veteran Hawks (and free agents) have put together:

"Oh absolutely, I wouldn't miss it for the world! We had a few minicamps down at the University of Washington, my old alma mater, good turnout, guys showed up, guys came in from out of town, we got together and got some good work in, you know, and I was right there on the sideline watching; (laughing) me and Deon Butler were on the sideline doing the world's slowest one-on-one between two injured players."

Who won?

"(Laughing) I mean i got him off the line, but after that I couldn't keep up with him. Even though we were walking."

To wrap up the interview, Softy asked him to talk about the Seahawks as if he were the GM. He asked why he would bring back Matt Hasselbeck if he were in that position. Lewis replied:

"Oh because Matt is a leader. That is the first thing. You have got to have leadership. You got to have somebody who has been there and done it, and that's exactly what you get in Matt. Matt is a quality quarterback, we're going to need him to help lead guys like Charlie Whitehurst, just to groom him. You don't want to go into a season like this, just with CBA stuff, and it could be a short season, it could be really rushed, and you don't want to come in with guys that don't really understand every single in-and-out of the offense. And that's why Matt is going to be a prime candidate. He's a veteran, he's a savvy quarterback. He has experience, he has big-game experience, and we need that right now."

Check out the rest of the interview for more...