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So We've Got That Going For Us, Which Is Nice: Tom Cable Edition

I just want to say how stoked I am that Tom Cable got fired from the Raiders. That's not to say I wish him any failure in his career, I am just really glad he's now the Seahawks' O-Line coach and Assistant Head Coach. Why? Well, apart from his history of success in molding good running games and the fact he looks like Frenchie from the Departed, he'll bring an intensity and technical expertise to our line that has been lacking in the last two or three years and a culture of nastiness we'll need to dominate again in that area. Also, he played high school football here and he's pretty much the most intimidating human football coach in the NFL.

Check him out mic'd up in a game from last season, and tell me you're not excited to have him roaming the sidelines on OUR side.