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Know Your Enemy: Recon From Around the NFC West

Sun Tzu said "Knowest thine enemy". Ok, he probably didn't say that. I'm pretty sure he didn't speak English. But when he said it, in Chinese (?), he meant it.

St. Louis Rams:

A look at the Rams potential shopping list if four-year free agency rules return - Turf Show Times: "The NFL will reportedly return to the same rules that guided free agency prior to last year, meaning that four years of eligibility is all a player needs to be unrestricted. How will that effect the St. Louis Rams' plans for free agency?"

How will four-year NFL free agency rules impact the St. Louis Rams current roster? - Turf Show Times: "The NFL will likely return to its previous set of rules for unrestricted free agency, requiring just four years of experience for players. How will that impact players currently on the St. Louis Rams roster?"

Can the St. Louis Rams get draft picks signed in time for camp? - Turf Show Times: "St. Louis Rams general manager Billy Devaney will be put to the test in shortened period for teams to make deals with players. Will the Rams' front office be able to get rookies signed and in camp on time?"

More weakside free agent musings - Turf Show Times: "Carolina LB James Anderson is scheduled for free agency. Could the St. Louis Rams, with former Panthers' LB coach Ken Flajole running the defense, try to sign him?"

New proposal for free agents could cut into Rams' plans - Turf Show Times: "Owners want right of first refusal for three or four free agents under the new labor deal. How could that effect the St. Louis Rams plans for free agency?"

San Francisco 49ers:

NFL CBA Negotiations: Prioritizing The 49ers Potential Unrestricted Free Agents - Niners Nation: "We take a look at the 49ers potential unrestricted free agents in light the latest NFL-NFLPA CBA proposal."

Frank Gore Doing Work With Terrelle Pryor - Niners Nation: "Big thanks to Matt Barrows for finding the video after the jump, and Drew for throwing up the FanShot. This is brief video from QB Terrelle Pryor's workout with some of Drew Rosenhaus' clients. Frank Gore, Chad Ochocinco, and Antonio Brown were all on hand to work out with Pryor as he prepares for the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft."

2011 Free Agency Primer: The Offensive Tackle Position And Our San Francisco 49ers - Niners Nation: "As I said, it just seems the 49ers are set at the tackle position because they are not. Barry Sims, the primary back up over the last couple years, is a free agent; San Francisco will have to find a replacement for him or attempt to retain his services. I doubt San Francisco is going to take a look at the most heralded free agent tackles, but after the jump I will go into detail in regards to this position as it relates to free agency." 

Arizona Cardinals:

Signing Matt Hasselbeck Could Be A Little Costly For Cardinals (Or Any Team) - Revenge of the Birds: "Matt Hasselbeck has been one of many quarterbacks connected to the Arizona Cardinals. He has also been reportedly set to return to the Seattle Seahawks and then in other instances he is not going back. Other reports say he is a candidate to play in Tennessee and mentor young Jake Locker. Now the latest news has information regarding the alleged contract offer he declined from Seattle."

What Arizona Cardinals Free Agents Should Be The Priority to Re-sign? - Revenge of the Birds: "With the likely free agency rules known, we now know who will be restricted and unrestricted free agents. Once the lockout ends, the Arizona Cardinals will now have four players who will become unrestricted free agents, when they were set to be restricted free agents. The tenders that the team offered them will no longer matter.  Offensive linemen Lyle Sendlein and Deuce Lutui, receiver Steve Breaston and defensive lineman Alan Branch are all now going to be able to leave without the team receiving compensation for them. The question is, should the team attempt to bring them back and, if so, what is the priority for each. Who should be targeted first?"

The Arizona Cardinals' Interior Line: Tom Pestock and Cliff Lewis - Revenge of the Birds: "A look at undrafted players Tom Pestock and Cliff Lewis and how they fit into the Arizona Cardinals' plans for their offensive line."

More Tackling Stats For Arizona Cardinals: Tackling On Pass Plays - Revenge of the Birds: "Football Outsiders breaks down pass tackling and stop numbers. A look at where some Arizona Cardinals fit on that list."

Arizona Cardinals NFL Draft WarRoom - Mocking The Draft: "Offensive Scheme: Ken Whisenhunt and the Arizona Cardinals are a pass heavy team that ran the ball only 36% of the time in 2011.  However, that number is a bit off because the Cardinals were trailing in a lot of football games. Resulting in the need to gain big chunks of yardage."