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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks' Links for Saturday

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NFL: Seattle LB Aaron Curry is under pressure in 2011 - ESPN: "A weekly look at a player whose performance must improve in 2011. With the fourth overall pick in the 2009 draft, the Seahawks selected Aaron Curry. If a team uses such a high draft pick on a linebacker, the return has to be much greater than what Curry has provided thus far. Seattle needs Curry to be great."

Three Years of Pass Rushing Productivity: Linebackers | "We’ve put the Pass Rushing Productivity formula to the test on edge rushers and inside penetrators, but those aren’t the only defenders that generate pressure. It also comes from those guys for whom it’s more of a secondary function, a bonus of sorts.   For them, pass rushing isn’t just pass rushing, it’s blitzing.   So up next – and what a great way to end the week – we’re going to look at who the best blitzing linebackers have been over the past year and over the past three years. To be clear, these are the guys playing the more standard linebacker spots: the 4-3 guys (middle and outside) and the 3-4 inside linebackers. You’ve seen the Pass Rushing Productivity formula a number of times now and it’ll remain in place for this look." Lofa Tatupu is a pretty decent pass rushing linebacker according to these numbers.

Crazy trade rumor time! Eagles’ Kolb for Cards’ Rodgers-Cromartie - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports"Every quarterback-deficient team in the league wants Philadelphia Eagles backup Kevin Kolb(notes), and it feels like a foregone conclusion that the Eagles will trade him. Making things more interesting, according to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, the Eagles are looking to get back a player who can contribute right now, not a draft pick."

NFL: Chicago Bears likely will go after big-name receiver this summer - ESPN
"Q: With MLB talking realignment, is there any discussion of the NFL moving in that direction? We saw all the controversy with the Seattle Seahawks making the playoffs with a sub-.500 record. Do you think that could happen? -- Rich (Kan.)

A: Rich: Right now, the NFL is mired in topics a lot more significant than realignment -- like finding a way to get a new CBA done. It's not unlike the Los Angeles issue. Yes, eventually the league might see one of its teams move there, but its focus right now is on one thing, and one thing only: making sure we have some football this summer. Aside from that, I haven't heard any discussion of realignment.

Q: Adam, I never see the Seahawks on any lists to land a free agent even though with Paul Allen at the helm you never know what could happen. What is your view on Nnamdi Asomugha coming to Seattle? Are the Hawks picking up a new strong safety? -- Damon (Wash.)

A: You're right about the money part, Damon. But my sense is that Asomugha wants to play on the East Coast for a team that is poised to compete for a championship in a stellar football environment. Seattle qualifies on many counts -- there are some great people leading that organization -- but it's not looked at today the way a team such as Philadelphia is. Not to say the Seahawks won't get there at one point; maybe they will. But I think teams such as the Eagles, Cowboys, Ravens and Jets will appeal more to Asomugha than the Seahawks. However, I have no problem if the Seahawks prove me wrong."

Free agency in the East: Safeties - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN: "3. Danieal Manning. He turned down an extension offer from the Bears just before the lockout, and as one of the players who was caught in the restricted free-agent trap imposed by last season's uncapped rules, he's looking for a pay day. Might appeal to the Eagles for his ability to handle kick-return duties as well as start at safety." Might appeal to the Seahawks as well.

Free agency in the East: Quarterbacks - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN: "Top five potential unrestricted free-agent quarterbacks 1. Matt Hasselbeck. Looks like he's out in Seattle, and if healthy he can probably help someone as a starter. If they could get him for one year, he'd make a lot of sense for the Redskins. But I wonder if a place like Miami or Minnesota might give him more than one year and a chance to start."

Breaking down Matt Flynn vs. the Patriots | National Football Post: "Let’s go back to the video today and take a look at Green Bay’s Matt Flynn vs. New England from the 2010 season. With starting QB Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines, we got a chance to see Flynn play on the primetime stage vs. a good football team—and produce. Today, I want to focus on his 66-yard TD pass to WR James Jones. The route, the defensive scheme and what we are seeing on the video replay that we can learn from. Check out the replay and then let’s get into some coaching points." These are two players that have been linked to the Seahawks during this offseason so I thought I'd highlight this piece. Blogs " Blog Archive Data Points: Asomugha tough to throw on ": Roy Lewis shows up prominently on this list of shutdown cornerbacks, check it out. 

On NFL's fringe, rookie free agents wait out the lockout - "Married and a father, with another child on the way, former Virginia Tech running back Darren Evans suddenly found himself in the unenviable role of unemployed football player in a shuttered league eight weeks ago." Darren Evans is a guy that Rob Staton likes, possibly for the Seahawks in rookie free agency. 

Breaking down WRs: San Francisco - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson breaks down the wide receivers of each NFC West team. Today: San Francisco 49ers. Michael Crabtree was an early topic for my Pressure Point series. There have certainly been extenuating circumstances that can be blamed for his stunted development, but in the end, Crabtree just needs to play better if he is ever going to reach his vast potential."

On Why Cullen Jenkins Will Get Paid A Big Contract - Acme Packing Company: "When I wrote about Green Bay Packers DE Cullen Jenkins earlier, I should have pointed out this excellent article on why he'll be too expensive for the Packers to keep. And due to his age (he turned 30 earlier this year) and a recent history of injuries in 2008 and 2010, there is some risk in re-signing him. But I don't think either is as big a risk for an interior defensive lineman. Defensive lineman age better than some players (it's not like it matters much if he loses a step, his game is built on strength) and he's played in all 16 games in 4 of his 7 NFL seasons. According to Pro Football Focus, he's been one of the best interior defensive lineman at rushing the passer, coming in at No. 3 in 2010, and No. 1 over the past three seasons. Although 49ers Justin Smith has played in a lot more snaps, and recorded a lot more total pressures. From PFF:" I want the Seahawks to sign Cullen Jenkins. 

Higher Education: The all-underrated team (offense) - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports: "In the continuation of our scouting/stats series, and with the news getting better every day on the labor subject, it's time to talk more actual football! Today, we're going to feature a full team of underrateds — those players who impressed us through the 2010 season, who could do even more in future seasons, and just don't get the credit we feel they deserve. Here's our offense; defense will be up later today."

And, finally, your daily lockout article regimen:

NFL: Teams most hurt, helped by salary-cap proposal - ESPN: "3. Seattle Seahawks: General manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll could go on a spending spree. They have $39 million of cap room and a payroll of $83 million. To meet the NFL payroll floor, the Seahawks would have to spend $37 million. They need a veteran left guard, so that leaves plenty of room to go for Raiders left guard Robert Gallery. They offered Matt Hasselbeck $7 million in a one-year deal. They could easily afford to bring him back and then make deals at other positions to upgrade their roster."

AP sources: NFL talks to be held again next week - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: "More negotiations between NFL owners and players are on the way. Two people familiar with the talks told The Associated Press on Friday that the sides will resume negotiations early next week at an undisclosed site. The lockout is deep into its fourth month, and this will be the fifth set of "secret" meetings. Those familiar with the negotiations spoke on condition of anonymity because the talks are supposed to be confidential."

Lockout Day 100: Hope still floats - "DeMaurice Smith is an extremely smart man. He's a lawyer and highly skilled when it comes to dealing with the media. Both of these facts were on display Thursday as Day 100 of the NFL lockout arrived like a drunk uncle at a family cookout. first reported that in a conference call with team player reps, Smith said owners and players weren't close to making a deal. Now, I can tell you, Smith basically did say that, according to several players on the call. The problem is, Smith is using classic hyperbole. Multiple sources on both sides, as well as countless media outlets, suggest the owners and players are indeed closing in on an agreement."