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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks' Links for Sunday

Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis, and more! Happy Sunday twelves, enjoy some linkage to NFL and Seahawks goodness. 

Kirk Cousins is the next.. *insert lazy comparison here* " Seahawks Draft Blog: "Many would argue the 2011 group lacked quality and regulars will know I’m not one of those people. I do believe there’s at least a possibility Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick will go on to have long and prosperous career. Andy Dalton will get the chance to start early (and throw to AJ Green) while Christian Ponder appears set to start in Minnesota after being a surprise choice with the 12th overall pick.    Indeed, it’s that decision by the Vikings that’s giving me a headache trying to get a read on Kirk Cousins."

Could Asomugha Be In A Seahawks Uniform Next Season?? | Football News Now: "King has the Ravens at No.3 on his list, saying despite needing to sign Haloti Ngata, general manager Ozzie Newsome "knows the only thing his defense lacks is a shutdown corner," says King. Big shoppers and big spenders huh? Oh, but wait a minute. We have another shopper that’s ready to jump in the fray. The Seahawks!"

North Alabama gets NFS' top-rated CB in transfer - "As a First-Team All-SEC pick last year for the Florida Gators, Janoris Jenkins strongly considered leaving Gainesville early for a chance at the NFL. Shortly after his surprising decision to return, Jenkins' inability to stay out of trouble forced the hand of new head coach Will Muschamp. Muschamp kicked Jenkins off the team in April after his talented cornerback was arrested for marijuana possession."

Top 10 Cornerbacks in N.F.L. - "Friendly Disclaimer: The following list is influenced largely -– but not strictly -– by film study of all 32 teams from the 2010 season. Stats weren’t acknowledged, but players with poor numbers generally don’t make top 10 lists anyway. Vague enough for you? Criteria for top 10 lists tend to be. That’s why most of you will have no trouble finding some disagreement with what you’re about to read."

Top 10 Defensive Ends in N.F.L. - "Has there ever been a time when the league's best speed rusher and bull rusher were the same guy?"

Top 10 Inside Linebackers in N.F.L. - "Patrick Willis is No. 1 on this list, and the gap between him and No. 2 Jon Beason is vast."

Top 10 Outside Linebackers in N.F.L. - "James Harrison is the most feared player in the game, but he's so much more than an intimidator."

Top 10 Safeties in N.F.L. - "Youngster who could burst onto next year’s list: Earl Thomas, Seahawks Took advantage of a few playmaking opportunities as a first-round rookie last season. Quick closing speed compensates for his underwhelming girth." - Survey says more fans blame owners than players for labor dispute: "With the NFL lockout now lasting for more than 100 days, recent results of a National Rasmussen Reports Survey show that 49 percent of fans blame NFL owners for the labor dispute."

YouTube Chalkboard: Three `90s RBs to Learn From " The Rookie Scouting Portfolio: "Walking into the lobby of the Pro Football Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago, the banner of 2011 inductee Marshall Faulk got me thinking about the runners who came into the league in the mid-to-late `90s. Runners who had hall of fame ability but aren’t likely to be first-ballot inductees, if enshrined at all. Backs with specific skill sets worth filing in your mental Rolodex and using to compare to college prospects.

Here are three I would recommend watching because I believe in their prime they all had complete games in terms of interior/outside running, big play burst, good feet, excellent after contact skills, and strong third down techniques as pass protectors and receivers. Priest Holmes, Jamal Anderson, and Terrell Davis certainly are worth mentioning but I have a feeling at least two of those three backs will find their way to Canton before at least two of the three backs below. The point of this post is to think about what factors contribute to a starting-caliber NFL runner. It is the technique and conceptual skills behind vision (decision-making, patience, etc.) that earns a runner with the minimal required athleticism a chance see the field. It is the athleticism, consistent health, and great supporting cast that can make a good NFL runner great. Today we’re removing some of the icing to look at the cake."

Free-agent pool likely to get much deeper under new CBA - NFL - Sporting News: "When a new NFL collective bargaining agreement is reached between the owners and players, the league's free-agency rules are reportedly going to favor fourth- and fifth-year players. It would allow those with expired contracts for 2011 join those free agents with six or more accrued seasons in becoming unrestricted. That affects a large pool of young veterans, significantly increasing the depth and talent level of players who can freely sign with any team soon after the lockout ends. Here's a look at top five fourth- and fifth-year players who would hit the open market:"

NFL players hold phone updates on lockout - NFL - Football: "Buffalo safety George Wilson likes what he sees and hears about the players' recent discussions with the owners to end the lockout. The Bills' player representative also cautions against getting swept away by expectations of an imminent settlement. "We're definitely optimistic we're moving in the right direction," Wilson told the Associated Press on Saturday. "Right now we feel like we're having meaningful discussions. ... We feel we have the right people in the room, discussing the right things and both sides want to get a deal done. But even though we're moving in the right direction, we're not there yet.""

Four scenarios for when the lockout is going to end - NFL - Football: "After NFLPA leader DeMaurice Smith briefed team player representatives this past week on the latest labor developments, one of the players hung up the phone after the meeting's conclusion and had an immediate thought: "It sounds like this damn thing could be close to being over." When Smith spoke to the players he didn't offer specifics or a timetable, but he did offer optimism. Still, whether the damn lockout is really almost damn well over, no damn body knows for sure."