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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks' Links for Monday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis, and more! Happy new week everyone, here are some NFL articles that you may find interesting. Or not. But probably. - Seahawks guard and Lumberton native Sean Locklear willingly travels cross country for his community: "Sean Locklear has made his living the last seven years on the opposite side of the country, but he hasn't forgotten about home. The Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman made the six-and-a-half hour flight from the West Coast on Friday so he could visit family in Lumberton and participate in the 6th annual Vonta Leach Football Camp held Saturday at South Robeson High School."

Qwest Field Officially Re-Named CenturyLink Field, Hilarity Ensues - The Daily Drip - SB Nation SeattleTwitter hashtag hilarity on a Thursday afternoon enhanced by the arrival of a future Hall of Fame left tackle. 

Wildcat Review: The Running Game | "In Week 3 of the 2008 season, the Miami Dolphins ended the New England Patriots’ regular season win streak with a 38-13 road victory. The game was memorable not only because it was an upset that few people saw coming, but because it marked the re-birth of the wildcat offense. Miami’s Ronnie Brown threw for a touchdown, and ran for four more, and the league took notice.   The wildcat captivated fans everywhere, because it was something new and allowed for a number of trick plays. With a primary purpose of the formation being to confuse defenses, it commonly employed end arounds, halfbacks and wide receivers as passers, and quarterbacks run blocking. It added new elements to the game which the average fans could enjoy.   Over the course of the 2010 season, 20 different teams ran at least one wildcat-like play, so even though it was used less in 2010 than in 2009, it was still significant enough that it’s worth examining. Over the course of these next few articles, we’ll take a look at run plays in the wildcat, pass plays, and then we’ll rank the wildcat "quarterbacks"."

Josh Johnson - Backup QB or Trade Bait? - Bucs Nation: "Josh Johnson is an interesting player on the Bucs' roster. He seems to be a solid backup quarterback, who showed that he could move the offense at times throughout last season. His poor performances in 2009 will haunt him, but he showed potential in those games, with his biggest problem being reacting to the pass rush. This year he seems to have improved his feel for the pass rush, and didn't seem to panic with players in his face. Instead, when asked to close out the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he took the Buccaneers downfield for the only touchdown of the game, albeit against a soft zone defense. He's also seen action as a QB in special packages, and was productive in those."

Star Local News > Sports Update > Double Trouble: Bosworths coming to West football camp: "Kyle and Korey can speak on that experience personally and from a family perspective as the duo thrived at UCLA before going to the NFL and their uncle Brian was a collegiate standout at Oklahoma before being drafted by the Seattle Seahawks. "Yeah, kids always want to talk to the boys about their uncle," said Ms. Bosworth, The Boz's sister."

NFL kickers offer instruction and advice at Hanson's camp - The Times-Herald: "Part of the success of the camp was the appearance of other kicking fraternity members such as Olindo Mare of the Seattle Seahawks along with New England Patriot teammates Stephen Gostkowski and Zoltan Mesko provided words of wisdom about kicking and life in general."

Felix Hernandez Leads Seattle's Top-Five Most Popular Athletes In 2011 - SB Nation Seattle: "No. 3: Matt Hasselbeck While Matt Hasselbeck is clearly declining and his days as a Seattle Seahawk are closely coming to an end, this does not take away from the fact that he is the most popular Seattle Seahawk and one of the most popular professional athletes in Seattle right now."

Tennessee Titans' Jake Locker gets two thumbs up | The Tennessean | ""What does this play tell me?" Chris Palmer asked that question of himself at least a half-dozen times Thursday while watching film of quarterback Jake Locker. In his dark office at Baptist Sports Park, a laser pointer in his hand, the Titans offensive coordinator rolled through play after play of the eighth overall pick in action for the University of Washington. Games against Cal, Brigham Young, Syracuse, Nebraska and others revealed a variety of answers to the question."

Niners might soon be sorry they settled - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN: "Optimism about ending the NFL lockout should, in theory, be multiplied several times over for the 49ers. Reopening for business by mid-July, a rational forecast in light of recent negotiations, would allow them to hold an adequate first training camp under head coach Jim Harbaugh, rather than a fire drill in August. But the relief could quickly give way to acute buyer's remorse if certain quarterbacks become available at reasonable prices." - NFL Window closing for players owners: "With training camps set to open in another month, NFL owners and players will resume negotiations next week, hoping to build on recent talks, two people familiar with the discussions told The Associated Press on Friday. In recent days, each side has acknowledged progress in the four-month-old lockout. However, a new collective bargaining agreement isn’t imminent."

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post: "Andy Dalton apparently will be the starter on day one. Cam Newton, the first pick in the draft, is expected to move mountains and part seas. At the moment, at least, Jake Locker and Christian Ponder are the No. 1 quarterbacks on their teams’ depth charts. None of them may be in as advantageous a position for long term success as Blaine Gabbert. The only expectations for him this season in Jacksonville are to get splinters on his rear end from sitting on the bench, and blisters on his index finger from keeping charts on the sideline."

Face it: The NFL is life - "Dear Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith and all the rest of you: Don’t mess with us. These insinuations and hints and anonymous sources saying you’re close to ending this NFL lockout and making the season come off on time are cool to hear and all, but you better not be playing us. Get something done, anything. Finish it now, because this is real. These are our lives you’re fooling with..." news: Sides must reach resolution soon to preserve full preseason: "The clock continues to tick. And the NFL and players continue to work. With the St. Louis Rams and Chicago Bears -- the teams in this year's Hall of Fame game -- scheduled to open training camp just three weeks from Friday, time is beginning to run short for negotiating teams as they look to preserve the preseason in its traditional form. The two sides return to the bargaining table later this week for a fifth round of "secret talks." The owners and players have spent a total of nine days in four different locations -- suburban Chicago, New York's Long Island, Maryland's Eastern Shore and suburban Boston -- during this phase of negotiations. They've also communicated away from the table, and one source has said that about five hours of work goes into every hour of face-to-face talk."