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Gull Poll: Uniform Changes?

Well, today we talked and argued a little bit about the Seahawks' quarterback issues and who might be taking snaps from under center in 2011. That's all well and good, but let's talk about something important now, shall we?

I wanted to do a quick poll about the state of the Hawks uniforms. Namely, assuming the Hawks keep their home and away looks pretty close to what they are now once the new Nike uniforms are unveiled (though it's a big assumption), what would you like the third alternate to be?

The three most obvious choices would be a) the old-school white jersey, silver pants, and silver helmet; b) the neon green monstrosity we wore in 2009 (I don't care if it's a leading question); and c) the old-school blue jerseys, silver pants, and silver helmet. Obviously there are more choices than that, but let's see what the consensus is at this point.

Oh, and go ahead and write in options or post pics of other uniform designs you've seen around the interwebs so we can debate those too.