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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks' Links for Wednesday

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A closer look at Malcolm Smith | Seahawks Insider: "For Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, Smith is a known commodity because he coached him while with the Trojans. Although Smith is light for a linebacker at 6-foot, 226 pounds, Carroll believes that he can get up to about 240 pounds, and likes his ability to play with speed an agility at the linebacker position. The team’s final pick, Smith was drafted 242nd overall in the seventh round. "He has tremendous cover skills and an ability to blitz, and he’s a penetrating, run-through type of guy," Carroll said. "He gets to 235 or 238, he’ll be just fine. I’m not worried about that. We want him to play with the speed that he has, and the suddenness that he brings.""

Twitter / @mortreport: RT @Lippa07: Chris Mortensen: "RT @Lippa07: @mortreport who do you hear linked to the seahawks? >> All I can say is they have a very aggressive plan, cap space and money."

Hmmmm, ok... that's interesting. 

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Chester Pitts On The NFL Lockout: "The owners did not expect the players to have the solidarity that we do have.": "Chester Pitts, a player representative for the union, has stated from the very beginning of the NFL lockout in March that the players were in this battle for the long haul and were not poised to fold when it came time for training camp. The Seattle Seahawks offensive guard believes everything is going according to plan and knows without a doubt that the owners did not believe for one second that the players would be as united as they have been in their efforts to get a fair deal in the current CBA negotiations. There really hasn’t been a ton of news in regards to players complaining about missing pay checks just yet and outside of Aqib Talib’s trouble with the law, most players have relatively stayed out of trouble so far."

Thirty Acre Fortress - A Seahawks Blog: Who is the Best QB in the NFC West?: "Danny Kelly over at Field Gulls asks the question, and since multiple people wanted me to touch on the QB situation, I figured this was a good opportunity to do so. I've rated them in descending order based on current level of play and perceived upside."

Chris Sullivan, who you all would know from his writing at Seahawk Addicts the past two or three years, has started a new project over named Thirty Acre Fortress so be sure to bookmark that. news: Avert your eyes and hope these uniforms are never seen again: "2. Seahawks' lime green The Seahawks are another team that should have never changed uniforms, because the classic look is the best. But what in the name of the World League of American Football is going on here? Seattle has the greatest fans, and the MLS Sounders outdraw a number of baseball teams. But when it comes to day-glow uniforms, keep it to that version of futbol, not the American version."

Wildcat Review: The Passing Game | "We recently began a look at current state of the wildcat offense in the NFL by defining it and examining how it produces in the run game. Today, we look at what happens when a wildcat alignment leads to a throw.   It’s the occasional wildcat pass that keeps the defense honest and, in turn, helps wildcat runs enjoy some of the success they do. With a non-QB at the helm, passing won’t be a consistent threat, but, as with all things wildcat, the elements of disguise and misdirection are central.  

You would think players that don’t play quarterback would see a high fail rate when acting as passers, but that isn’t always the case. The lifetime passing numbers for LaDainian Tomlinson, for example, are 12 passes and eight completions for 143 yards and seven touchdowns.   However, when we look at all non-QB’s throwing the ball from 2010 wildcat formations, we see results closer to what we’d expect. We’ve also seen three teams using almost the exact same wildcat pass play for big gains – and not the teams you’re probably thinking of."

Top 50 free agents: New rules could fill up deep pool - NFL - Football: "As the NFL and its players move toward a potential labor agreement it's looking more and more like unrestricted free agency will be granted after four years, rather than the six it was in 2010. That would mean the most hectic, crazy, free-for-all in free agency we've ever had. We would have a player pool as deep as it has been in a long time. In years past when putting together a list of the top-50 free agents, I've always struggled at the end of the list to come up with players I felt truly worthy."     

Mac's Football Blog: Ndamukong Suh Wouldn't Have Minded Playing in Seattle: ""That's a tough question -- an excellent question," said Suh, who grew up in Portland, Oregon. "I'd have liked to be close to my family, so the Seattle (Seahawks) would have been good. But I'm very happy to be where I'm at. I'm definitely glad the Lions took me, and the other teams are going to pay for it.""

Potential second-year impact players, Part III | National Football Post: "In this last installment of second-year players who may have a chance to make an impact in 2011, we will take a look at some players who were drafted in the later rounds and who have a chance to come on in their second season."

Young’s next stop still a mystery | Titans Insider: "Seattle – Hasselbeck may eventually return to Seattle, but if he doesn’t, are the Seahawks willing to put all their eggs in the Charlie Whitehurst basket? Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll might still remember enough about what Young did to USC in the 2006 national championship game that he’d give him a shot."

Higher Education: Burn Rate for Cornerbacks - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports: "Think about it: You're a young, talented cornerback on a team that relies on you to be its #1 cornerback, which means that you're going up against the best the NFL has to offer, week after week. One misstep on a 9-route, and that receiver you're covering is gone for a touchdown, and the fans in your town are talking about what their team could get if they traded you — even if you made the Pro Bowl last year [and actually deserved to]. Those failures happen to every pass defender, but none are more on the hook than cornerbacks. Safeties are expected to tackle as well; linebackers aren't thought of as primary aerial defenders. But as the NFL becomes more and more a passing league, it's never been more important to have consistent pass coverage all along the back seven."

| aeg, leiweke, new - Sports - The Orange County Register: "LOS ANGELES – Anschutz Entertainment Group officials have been meeting with NFL franchises about moving to Southern California and doing it under the direction of league commissioner Roger Goodell, AEG president Tim Leiweke said Monday night. Leiweke first confirmed to The Orange County Register earlier this month that AEG has met with officials from San Diego, Oakland, St. Louis, Minnesota and Jacksonville about relocating to Farmers Field, a downtown stadium proposed by AEG.  Leiweke said Monday those discussions have been with Goodell's blessing."

Goodell, De Smith meeting one on one in Minnesota - NFL - Football: "NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith met for labor talks in Minnesota on Tuesday without players or owners present, people familiar with the situation told the Associated Press. Three people told the AP that the two power brokers and staff members got together to resume negotiations aimed at ending a lockout now in its fourth month. The people spoke on condition of anonymity because no labor developments are being made public."

NFL: Pressure for a labor deal grows - ESPN: "Although everyone has good vibes about the way talks are going between owners and players, this week is the most vital to start getting a deal done." 

Lockout: Four days of NFL talks beginning today, sources say - ESPN: "Representatives of the negotiating teams of the NFL and the NFL Players Association have agreed to four consecutive days of talks in the Minneapolis area starting Tuesday through Friday, sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen."

NFL plans to enforce personal conduct policy after lockout | National Football Post: "According to league spokesman Greg Aiello, the NFL plans to enforce violations of the law that occurred during the lockout even though there's no collective bargaining agreement in place. "The personal conduct policy is not part of the CBA," Aiello told the Tennessean. "It is a league policy established by the commissioner. We review any violations of law by NFL employees for potential discipline. The personal conduct policy is not being applied to players now but will be applied when they return. Players will be held accountable for violations of law that occurred during the lockout."" news: Minnesota welcomes league, players for labor negotiations: "Players involved in labor negotiations with the NFL traveled to Minnesota on Monday, but not just to meet with their legal team. They are there for a fifth round of "secret talks" with the league, a source with knowledge of the situation said. Minnesota is home to Arthur Boylan, the U.S. magistrate judge assigned to run court-ordered mediation and who has been present for the previous talks. Constants in the room during past talks have been NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, New York Giants owner John Mara, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, New York Jets fullback Tony Richardson, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth and Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday."

The 8 Game NFL Thursday Package Could Change Everything | June: "Most importantly, SBJ pegs Versus and Turner as the leading candidates to acquire this package of games with ESPN, Spike, and FX also at least exploring the possibility of bidding on the package. In a nutshell this is huge news. Not only would fans be treated to an additional nationally televised game for the first half of the season, but this package may serve as a kingmaker if Versus or maybe even TNT get the package in terms of building a viable competitor to ESPN."

Lockout: NFL talks reportedly in Minnesota this week - ESP: "This week's "secret" negotiations between the NFL and its locked-out players will take place in Minnesota, reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed source. The league's website did not specify on what days this week's negotiations would take place. The talks this week will be the fifth round of confidential talks between the parties. Representatives from the NFL and the NFL Players' Association have previously met outside Chicago, in Long Island, N.Y., in Maryland and last week in Hull, Mass. NFL Labor Negotiations and Lockout The NFL lockout began on March 11, with no obvious end in sight. Topics keeps you up to date on all of the latest on the labor situation. More " The Associated Press reported Monday that a small group of players met with NFLPA attorneys in Minneapolis without the owners present. It is unknown what they discussed"