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Best NFL Throwbacks #3: San Diego Chargers Powder Blues

You thought I forgot about this list, didn't you? Well, you're right. I did forget. Sorry about that. But that's ok, because it's back on baby! (I seriously remembered that I needed to finish this list because of that rabbit with a pancake on his head picture).

WIth the #3 Best NFL Throwback uniforms, I give you the San Diego Chargers homage to the 1963 AFL team that wore powder blues with pride. Now, I know that I clowned on other teams' pastels and powdery color schemes but for some strange reason these uniforms are just badass. I prefer the old style numbering over the new age 'lightningy" number font they use now, the lightning bolt on the helmet is classic, the striping and color contrast work, and of course the number appears on the side of the helmet, an instant plus. 

What do you guys think?