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Seahawks "Caption This" Contest of the Week!

You guys know how it works! Last week, 3 readers tied for best caption for the photo of Charlie Whitehurst and John Schneider having a laugh. (see results after the jump)...

The winners were Whiskey Chainsaw, with (and HEY!! I don't live in my mom's basement!... I do hang out there sometimes):

"Hey Charlie, did you know the Danny Kelly over at Field Gulls is having a caption contest?"
"I had no idea. Uhm, what's Field Gulls, and who is Danny Kelly."

- He's one of those hang out in mom's basement blogger guys, and he seems to think we need someone other than you on the roster at QB this year. He keeps talking about Carson Palmer. As if that's going to happen.

Benne with:

Charlie: "Dragons, dude. Daenerys has fucking dragons now."

and Malito, who pipes in at really random times with comic gold:

"I'm holding out for a new contract. I think my play speaks for itself...
What's so funny?"