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Around the Internets: Matt Hasselbeck and Mike Williams On Player Organized Workouts, Via Doug Farrar

I wanted to point you in the direction of a great couple of videos taken by Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner's Doug Farrar as the media interviewed Matt Hasselbeck  and Mike Williams at the University of Washington after their player organized workout on Friday. Take a look for yourself, but some really good quotes in there on a broad range of topics. He also put together a really good article on the workouts over there so check that out as well. Seahawks getting some national love!! 

The Mike Williams interview is pretty hilarious, and I just want to note that it's great to see him becoming one of the faces of the organization. He really is a great story; out of football for two years, got his head straight, matured, worked hard to get ready for his shot with Pete Carroll, made the team, had success, and took a modest contract. You can tell he gets it - he's going to earn every penny he makes this time around and it's really refreshing to see. Whether he keep improving remains to be seen but you have to think he's got a lot of room to grow - last year was his reintroduction to the league after being out for two years so I'm excited to see just how high his ceiling is.