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Seahawks Weekly Wrap Up

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It's been a pretty exciting week actually and there were some good discussions had here at Field Gulls. In case you're not addicted to the internet like I am and haven't seen what's going on here lately, now is your chance to catch up.

The Replay Booth: Lofa Tatupu - He's Still Got It Folks - Field GullsFor what it's worth, Lofa Tatupu still finds ways to impress the hell out of me. I was reminded of one of those instances as I was re-watching the Divisional Playoff game against the Bears last night. In a third and four situation, he came up with a big sack to end a drive in a game that was still very much in hand for the Hawks as they trailed 7-0.

The 4-3 Under Defense, Part I: An Introduction - Field GullsI delve into a series of posts that examines the Seahawks unique 4-3 Under with Elephant defensive philosophy and schemes. Part one is an introduction to the alignments and terminology.

The 4-3 Under Defense, Part II: The Seahawks' Hybrid - Field GullsA look at the 4-3 Under defense that the Seahawks ran in 2010. How it works, what type of personnel it needs, and where it will be going in 2011. 

Seahawks Conduct Informal OTA At Husky Stadium - Field GullsAbout 40 Seahawks took part in an informal (players only), but organized team activity Friday morning at the University of Washinton's indoor facility.

Key Seahawks Statistic of the Week: Power Rushing - Field GullsWhile I think most people sort of have an idea how bad our rushing attack was, I'm not sure people really KNOW.. just how bad it was. To help with this, I've consulted's statistical page and picked out one key metric that I will undoubtedly harp on in the coming weeks and months.

Around the Internets: Matt Hasselbeck and Mike Williams On Player Organized Workouts, Via Doug Farrar - Field GullsGreat couple of videos taken by Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner's Doug Farrar as the media interviewed Matt Hasselbeck and Mike Williams at the University of Washington after their player organized workout on Friday.

Best NFL Throwbacks #3: San Diego Chargers Powder Blues - Field Gulls: I forgot to continue with this series last week. Luckily a rabbit with a pancake on it's head reminded me to get back on it.

Thank God it's TGIF - Field GullsAnother look at the epic win against the Saints in the Wild Card round of the Playoffs in 2010.

More on North Carolina WR Dwight Jones - Field GullsUNC's Dwight Jones has got the size at 6'4 220 that makes you drool, and because he's got high end speed to make him an effective deep threat, you have to like him as a potential Seahawk.

Seahawks' Armchair GM: Training Camp Defense - Field GullsI took a look at the Seahawks' defensive roster and tried to play GM for a day. Check out the moves I'd make.

Seahawks Armchair GM: Training Camp Offense - Field GullsI took a look at the Seahawks' offensive roster and tried to play GM for a day. Check out the moves I'd make.

Seahawks Legacy Of Greatness: Wide Receiver - Field GullsKrazyleggs with a look at some of the all time great Wide Receivers in Seahawks' history.

Re-Live Seahawks Glory Monday: Marshawn Lynch With a 67 Yard TD Run, Wild Card Round 2010 vs New Orleans Saints - Field GullsThe title says it all. Your chance to re-live glory.

Pete Carroll Kicking Tires for 2011 - WR Dwayne Jarrett - Field GullsDwayne Jarrett came in for a tryout in late November when the Hawks were experiencing injuries at receiver (now-retired Bobby Engram was invited too). He wasn't signed at that time, but I still find myself wondering if Pete told him to get his crap together, get in shape, lift hard, and be ready for next year's camp.