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Worst NFL Throwbacks #2: 1994 Chicago Bears

The Bears wore these throwbacks in 1994 to commemorate their 75th anniversary. The uniforms paid homage to the team's uniform from 1924-25 but really didn't look all that close to the original in their efforts to make a 'throwback'. What we ended up seeing was an ugly striped pattern with the old mustard yellow over navy color scheme. They combined that with the off-white pants and blue socks. The helmet they used was ok in that it was very basic but to me this was one of the worst aesthetic decisions an NFL team has ever made. 2nd worst, to be exact.

It doesn't help that I don't like the Bears and their stupid ugly frozen field. In addition to this, generally the Bears' normal uniforms are one of the best in the league - purely in simplicity and similarity to those worn by their great teams of the 80's. Thoughts?