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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links

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A lot going on in the NFL today, and some great stuff related to the Seahawks on the Interwebs. Check them out.

Plaxico Burress's release from prison, Father's Day Books - Peter King - "I think the more people I talk to, the more people are excited about getting to the crop of undrafted college players as they are about the veteran free agents. "There are three avenues we're all going to have,'' said Seattle GM Schneider. "Your own free agents, free agents from other teams, and the rookie undrafted guys. When the draft ended for us, we still had 20 to 22 draftable players on our board. We're moving toward a younger team, so obviously those guys are a very attractive option for us if we can get some of them.''"

20-22 'draftable players'??? God I can't wait to see rookie free agency start. Could get pretty exciting. news: No. 4: Lynch helps ‘Hawks rumble past Saints in playoff thriller: "Was this not one of the crazier playoff games in NFL history? It produced maybe the worst playoff team ever knocking off the defending Super Bowl champs."

Mike Williams' success against Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "It was really more scheme than personnel," Williams said of last season. "When they are healthy, that is a hard defense to block up. They play well. The second game, they didn’t even have (Darnell) Dockett. He was on the sideline." Williams again pointed to scheme, however. He said the Seahawks' offensive coordinator at the time, Jeremy Bates, figured out the Cardinals and attacked them effectively. Of those 22 receptions, Williams saw only a handful for which he could take credit personally. "I had one fade route on Rodgers-Cromartie and one on (Greg) Toler, a slant on Toler, an out route on Cromartie," Williams said. "That is four catches in two games where I lined up on a guy one-on-one and I made a catch. All the other stuff was zone read and getting caught in the shuffle. They got better.""

"Neon" Leon Lights up Seattle " The Meat Locker Sports: "Washington takes pride in his role as a mentor to the younger players, and his ability to serve as a good teammate.

"The part that goes unseen is that you have to build camaraderie as a team during the off season. A lot of players spend time together in the offseason, getting to know each other and spending time with each other's families. This offseason, we haven't really had the opportunity to do that. Especially after the draft, we haven't had the chance to really get to know the rookie players. For the teams that have new coaches, like the Carolina Panthers. The players don't have the opportunity to get to know their new coaches. For the guys that are new to the league, they are rushed into the situation and sped through the process because of the lockout situation."

Washington feels that it's important to the younger guys to have that veteran to rely on and fall back on. Especially when they're bodies are starting to wear down due to rigorous 16-game NFL schedule.

"I remember having the talk last year with (rookie safety) Earl Thomas telling him to keep it going and to keep pushing. It was around Thanksgiving, the time when college football was normally ending. This is the time in the NFL where it's really all just starting, the real meat of the schedule. Letting them know what the NFL is all about is really big. Without OTA's this year, it's a big aspect of the league that the rookies are missing out on."

Don't Forget About Undrafted Free Agents - From Our Editors - "The 2011 NFL draft is in the rearview for most of us but there's one part of the draft process that has yet to begin -- undrafted free agency. Those are the players that aren't drafted and, if you look at the roster of all 32 NFL teams, you'll see each is littered with undrafted free agents."

RB Michael Robinson is stuck in limbo - Blog - "Seahawks fullback Robinson joined The John Clayton Show on Saturday to discuss the NFL lockout and what it feels like to be a player in wait. - Blog 710 ESPN Seattle at" - Lockout limbo: Seahawks report: "With NFL teams stuck in a state of limbo thanks to the lockout, we are looking at where teams stand as they await the opening of the 2011 league year. Today, we take a look at the Seahawks."

Surrendering Pressure | "Let's begin with the team that gives up the least, the Seattle Seahawks. No team gave up less pressure per play than the NFC West champs, with their offensive line doing a particularly good job of not allowing oncoming rushers to get to their QB. The surprising star of the unit wasn't solid rookie Russell Okung, but less-heralded Sean Locklear."

So apparently the Seahawks gave up the least pressure per play in 2010 - according to this report. If you pay attention to the results of this study it's a) pretty damning for Matt Hasselbeck and should quiet the people that continually use the excuse that "he can't play from his back", and b) Sean Locklear should be re-signed. Hmmm. news: St. Charles feels blessed after hosting secret NFL-player talks: "St. Charles, Ill., population of 31,834, had a few more people in town last week -- and they caused quite a stir. NFL owners and players chose the small Chicago suburb as the site for their clandestine labor talks Tuesday through Thursday, and the locals did their best to keep the secret while the parties tried to end the league's nearly three-month lockout."

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks: Why the Steelers Won Super Bowl XL " Nice Pick, Cowher | A Pittsburgh Steelers Blog: This is a Steelers blog - and they tell us why the Steelers won Super Bowl XL. I'll give you a hint - it's not the referee crew. 

Scout: Terrelle Pryor a mid-round pick at best - "Said one scout, "He [Pryor] is a nice college player playing in a system that caters to his strengths. He’s a basketball player playing football, though, when it comes to the NFL. He’s not a quarterback. He doesn’t have the makeup, the release or the accuracy for it. And he isn’t one of those guys that you can make into another position. He’s going to run well and people are going to get excited about him, but he isn’t a football player. What you’ve seen at Ohio State – on the field and off – is what you get with him.""

Only include news about Pryor because he's been linked to the Hawks in some fans' minds. I don't particularly see it happening. news: Albert to cover NFL as play-by-play man for CBS Sports: "CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus announced Monday that (Marv) Albert will be added to the NFL on CBS team. Albert worked for NBC Sports from 1977-97, announcing the NFL on NBC for 19 years.".

Cincinnati Bengals' offense, defense to work out this week - ESPN"I've invited the entire offense," Whitworth said, in a phone interview while he sat behind home plate watching a Dodgers-Reds game Sunday at Great American Ball Park. "We'll see tomorrow what guys are here. I know all the quarterbacks will be there, excluding Carson (Palmer)."

To which I reply, "no shit."

2011 NFL Free Agency Primer: 2010 Rules And Regulations - Niners Nation: "It is possible that free agency could begin in the NFL within the next couple of weeks. Two distinct possibilities could bring an end to the lockout. First, the NFL and NFLPA could come to a resolution, which is looking more promising than anytime since the lockout began. Secondly, the Appeals Court could rule for the players, permanently lifting the lockout.

Once the league year begins there is going to be a mad scramble to figure out how to move forward. One of the major issues will be free agency. Because of a lack of a new CBA the 2010 off-season was uncapped and free agency rules were limited in comparison to previous seasons. If the Appeals Court rules for the players, it is an extreme probability that the 2011 free agency period would resemble last years. However, if the two sides come to an agreement, and entirely new type of off-season structure would take place. After the jump, I am going to take a look at the 2010 free agency rules and how they would work in 2011 if not changed via an agreement between the NFL and NFLPA."

Very good look at the whole situation from David Fucillo of Niner's Nation. Worth a read.

Plaxico Burress Released From Prison, But Would He Fit With Seattle Seahawks? - SB Nation Seattle: "Burress comes in the mold of Mike Williams, making him of a bit redundant in Seattle, though you can never have enough physical receivers in the mix. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has already shown a propensity for taking on reclamation projects in his short tenure in Seattle, including the aforementioned Williams. On the character side, Seattle may be a soft landing spot for Burress, but is he needed? Interestingly enough, Williams himself chimed in on the subject on Monday morning. Showing the attitude he's forged while working his tail of in Seattle, Williams tweeted that he'd be happy to have Burress as a teammate, especially if it meant the Seahawks would have a better chance to win."

It's cool to see that Mike Williams gives Plaxico an endorsement. I don't really see him in Seattle but rumors are heating up that he could end up out here. 

Would you sign Plaxico? | National Football Post: "But I still go back to the term "situational football" as it applies to the 2011 season. A team that views Burress as fitting a small, but specific role. Forget about big plans with a player coming back into the league. Instead, look to your game plan and find a spot where he can help you win. Third downs and the 3-step passing game. Inside of the red zone and on the goal line—where size can win on the slant and fade."

Hmmm... Maybe he would have a fit in this offense afterall. Matchup nightmare in the redzone if you've got Mike Williams lined up across from Plaxico Burress. news: Where will Burress play next? It's a per-Plax-ing question: Jason La Canfora: "Seahawks known for taking chances like this I'm going out on a big limb here and just playing a hunch, but the Seattle Seahawks could be the landing spot for Burress. He'd do well to get far away from New York, the epicenter of his troubles. The Seahawks considered Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall last season, but Burress would come much cheaper than those guys. And the team recently found success with a project at wide receiver, Mike Williams, but still is looking for offensive weapons. General manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll are willing to take a gamble on a talented player with some baggage (LenDale White, anyone?), and owner Paul Allen is willing to heavily invest in his team, so Burress would be a prime candidate for an incentive-laden contract. I can't help but wonder if the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers might not be dark horses as this situation unfolds over the upcoming weeks. Overall, I don't anticipate a shortage of teams investigating Burress. There will be demand."

La Canfora is an extremely respected analyst and if his hunch says Burress to Seattle, it makes me sit up and pay attention. We'll see.

Caple’s Corner: Even in uncertain times, Hasselbeck takes charge | Seattle PI Sports Blog - "I know where to park," Hasselbeck said, assessing his role in facilitating the gathering of some 30 Seahawks players for two days of workouts last week. "That’s about it." Modesty suits the veteran. So does leadership, even if the free agent to-be shrugged at the notion that he did anything other than show up and work out with the rest of his teammates at Dempsey Indoor on Friday."

Justin Forsett with the assist for Seahawks - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "What do you know about this offense? Justin Forsett: It is still West Coast, just with different terminology on certain things. Calling formations different. It's basically the same, with little tweaks here and there. There are ways we can tie things together. It is very similar to [Mike] Holmgren’s terminology."

Twitter / @mike freeman: Mike Freeman of CBSSports: "Multiple sources continue to tell me a deal could be struck between owners and players before 8th circuit rules in July."

NFL: McNabb to Minnesota might make sense - ESPN: "Donovan McNabb needs a new team, and Minnesota might make sense, writes John Clayton in his latest mailbag."

MACwood Squares: Who's The Greatest Miami Football Player Ever? - Hustle Belt: "RB Sherman Smith (1972-75) Not as prolific as Prentice, but Smith did have the longer NFL career: seven seasons with the Seahawks who rushed for 28 touchdowns. He's gone on to have a nice prolific career as an assistant coach in the NFL."

Sherman Smith is the Seahawks current running backs coach.

Shock QB Meyer eager to start on Friday - - June 6, 2011: "One would have to be to keep chasing their pro football dream after five long years. Meyer signed as a free agent with Cincinnati in 2006 and took "3 or 4" snaps in an NFL exhibition game. He went to Cologne and had solid stats (1,612 yards, 13 touchdowns, 101.1 passer rating). He was with the Seahawks in 2007 training camp, Oakland in 2008 and briefly with CFL Hamilton in 2009 – briefly because after a coaching change Meyer was released before he reported. He was the No. 2 quarterback behind Kyle Rowley in Spokane last season. Now comes a chance to start against Philadelphia on Friday on NFL Network."

Anyone remember this guy from camp in 2007?