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Seahawks Rumors, Intrigue Galore!

Whenever I entitle something 'rumors, intrigue galore' please just note that I mean to identify these rumors with a little lightheartedness and sarcasm. The reason for this is that these are speculations and guesses based on loosely connected ideas and hopes, and should be taken with a big fat grain of salt (ideally on the rim of a margarita bucket).

That said, Sports Illustrated's Peter King had some interesting things to say on Twitter last night about the Seahawks; specifically on our quarterback situation. If you haven't already seen this, I want to preface this with a note: Peter King went to the U2 concert on Saturday night with Seahawks' GM John Schneider and Schneider's father (It was JS's 40th birthday). I should also note that King tends to talk about beer in his column quite a bit so it can be surmised that they were imbibing a bit that night. Furthermore, King tweeted a picture of John Schneider holding a beer at what appears to be the Pyramid beergarden. So I can extrapolate that they got totally 'housed. 

Do you like my investigatory journalism so far? Ok. So I've painted the picture that PK and JS were at the U2 concert, drinking some pops, possibly catching the vapors, and most probably were talking some football. Fellow Seahawks stalker Davis Hsu and I were seeing this on Saturday night and chatting about how PK was hopefully going to get Schneider drunk and divulge a lot of really juicy information for us in MMQB but the only real snippet we got from the night was:

""There are three avenues we're all going to have,'' said Seattle GM Schneider. "Your own free agents, free agents from other teams, and the rookie undrafted guys. When the draft ended for us, we still had 20 to 22 draftable players on our board. We're moving toward a younger team, so obviously those guys are a very attractive option for us if we can get some of them.''"

So that was it. After a whole night of boozing together and swaying awkwardly to an aging rock band that doesn't know how to count to four in spanish, that was all we got. Or was it?

Last night, King (hopefully really drunk again and willing to spill things he was sworn to secrecy on) got on Twitter and started answering some questions. The two most notable things he said were:


Followed shortly thereafter, emphatically and assertively:


Now, this is not the first time Peter King has stated this. He's been saying it for some time so really the whole point of this post is to point out that the possibility is there that John Schneider confirmed to Peter King what he had already suspected: that Charlie Whitehurst is the presumptive starting QB for Seattle and Matt Hasselbeck will not be re-signed here. 

For what it's worth, though some of the actual football analysis he makes is head-scratching, Peter King is probably the most well-connected journalist covering the NFL in the nation right now. Adam Schefter is probably up there with him as well, but you have to respect some of the inside info PK can provide. I mean, he's going to a fricking U2 concert with an NFL GM. That's pretty well-connected in my book. 

I'll leave the rest of the speculation and hearsay to you now. Point is though, we're no closer to knowing who will be starting at quarterback for Seattle in 2011.