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Thank God It's TGIF: Fake Snake Prank Edition

Ok, so I don't know if this video already made the rounds but I sure as sh*t hadn't seen it before. And. It. Is. Awesome. Someone in the Hawks organization decided to set up a hidden video camera and put a fake snake in the cooler. Hilarity ensues. 

Note: Check the cameo by Jake Locker and then later, that Matt Hasselbeck goes ninja and grabs the snake's head like he's the crocodile hunter or something. 

As one YouTube commenter notes, "matt hasselbeck's first reaction to seeing a snake in a water cooler: grab that m*therbleeper and strangle it to death- gotta love that reflex."

As another notes: "matt hasselbeck was not bullshittin with that snake lol"

HONESTLY... What a badass.