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Seahawks Scouting: Terrelle Pryor

For the sake of due diligence I wanted to include a video on Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor. He's been vaguely linked the Seahawks simply because the Seahawks are in need of a quarterback, and he'll be available in the supplemental draft, if and when that happens. No one really knows where he'll be taken in that - the grades range from in the first round (according to his agent HAHA), to more likely in the 5th, 6th or 7th rounds according to BLESTO and NFS.

There are a couple reasons I wouldn't be surprised to see the Hawks put a 6th or 7th round wager on him in the supplemental draft:

First, they've got a history in the past season of using their later round picks pretty liberally. They used a 6th round pick in the Kentwan Balmer trade. They used a 6th round pick on the Tyler Polumbus trade. 7th round pick on Stacy Andrews. The list goes on.

Secondly, they seem to really like physical upside. Pryor, though notoriously inaccurate according to every scouting report I've ever read on him, is a very gifted athlete, especially for a quarterback. He's tall, and can run. The Hawks like mobility in the quarterback position. 

Now, odds are that some other teams will put in a higher pick wager on him and he'll never be a real option for the Hawks. But, in the off chance his character history and inaccuracy issues push him off teams' wishlist, he could be someone to watch for. 

Check out a video below on the Ohio State product coming to us via Aaron Aloysius, highlighting his running ability - something of note to Seahawks' fans as Carroll and Cable have noted they like incorporate the QB into the running game.