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Seahawks Weekly Wrap Up

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Check out what we Seahawks writers have been writing about the Seahawks. This week.

Seahawks on the Precipice: Walter Thurmond - Field GullsIs Walter Thurmond set to impress for the 2011 Seahawks? Read on to find out...

An Interview With Seahawks Receiver Golden Tate - Field GullsAn exclusive interview with Seahawks receiver Golden Tate

Warner VS Alexander: Speed vs Power - Field GullsThere is so much to look at in a running game. So much to consider in details, so much to see in terms of plays made that are so close to failure, but here, in this article, we will take away most of that detail and compare two great runners and how they specifically helped their running offenses succeed. 

Re-Live Seahawks' Glory: 2003 Seahawks - Field Gulls"We want the ball and we're going to score!" **Facepalm**

BMW is a Number One Wide Receiver - Field GullsIs Seattle Seahawks WR Mike Williams a potential #1 wide receiver? Yes! Maybe.

BMW is not a Number One Wide Receiver - Field GullsIs Seattle Seahawks WR Mike Williams a potential #1 wide receiver? No! Maybe.

The Replay Booth: More on FA TE Daniel Fells - Field GullsI would be remiss if I didn't point out some possible free agent targets and Daniel Fells, in my mind, could fit in the offense the Hawks are installing here.

Seahawks Rumors, Intrigue Galore! Kevin Kolb, Matt Hasselbeck, and Carson Palmer - Field Gulls: Man, I decide to go off the grid for a few days and the rumor mill goes crazy.

Tom Cable and Seahawk Jumbo Sets, Part II - Field Gulls: In part one of this mini-series I broke down some statistics on the use of 6OL and even 7OL sets in the Oakland Raiders' offense from 2010. Because Tom Cable undoubtedly had a large influence on the running game and the offense in general there, it stands to reason that some of those philosophies and schematics could come to Seattle.

So We Got That Going For Us, Which is Nice - Field Gulls: For this week's version of S.W.G.T.G.F.U.W.I.N. I bring to your attention that a guy named Leon Washington is on our team. Leon, despite breaking his leg very very grossly, came back last season and played football at a very high level.

The Seahawks Roster Rebuild Continues: Will Stacy Andrews Figure Into Pete Carroll, John Schneider and Tom Cable's Plans in 2011? - Field Gulls: We talk about a few release candidates for the Seahawks. FIrst up, Stacy Andrews.

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