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Seahawks Scouting: Josh Wilson Game Tape

I include this video for two reasons: first, there are still a lot of Josh Wilson fans in Seattle so it's fun to see some of the snaps he had with Baltimore in 2010. Second, he is, technically, a free agent so there is a one-in-a-million chance, I suppose, that he could return to the Seahawks in 2011. So I'm telling you there's a chance.

In all seriousness though, his return is probably about as likely as a LenDale White return. Ok, maybe a little more likely than that. His return is about as likely as a return by say... Brett Favre to the NFL. Many Hawks' fans angrily lamented Wilson's trade last season, and confirming their feelings, he played well in Baltimore. It didn't help that the Seahawks secondary didn't play well. At all. Wilson started 9 games, had three interceptions, including one that he took to the house as a game-winner. It's unclear if Baltimore will resign him once the lockout is over, but it's pretty certain he'll catch on and contribute somewhere. 

Take a look at the video put together by MARI0clp of some snaps that involved Wilson against the Texans, Saints, and Browns. For fun. And to feel crappy about the trade.