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The Future Is So Bright We Gotta Wear Shades

Some of you may have noticed this already but I wanted to do some shameless self-promotion and point out that I've been writing a weekly Monday-morning column for SB Nation Seattle, typically about Seahawks fandom. This morning, I wrote about the future of the Seahawks and Mariners, so go ahead and give it a read.

Brian Floyd has been doing a really excellent job writing about all things Seattle sports, national sports, and mixing in a little comic relief and pop culture over at the Seattle regional hub. If you haven't bookmarked SBNSeattle yet, make sure and add it to your daily read. Kevin Cacabelos, Aaron Campeau, Nate Parham and I have been backing Brian up and it really is a good place to get your sports news with a Seattle-centric feel. It links and defers to Lookout Landing and Field Gulls and pimps out our stuff frequently so I appreciate that as well. Anyway, that's my plug - I set out with the goal of writing about "Seahawks' fandom" there but it has consequentially degenerated into me writing about the lockout on a weekly basis. Because it's never ending. But not today, today I gave you something to brighten your day, and something that I really believe is happening. Hope you enjoy.

Link again here.