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A Seahawks Sunday Night Fireside Chat (OT Thread)

I decided I want to put together some really informal posts now and again where I just list off some things that I'm thinking, that are bugging me, that I'm excited about, and that might be important and we can just chat about them. This is sort of like an open off-topic-thread, but I'm giving some loose talking points. Please don't quote me on the things I say here down the road when I'm dead wrong - not everything I say is going to be well thought out and researched, not everything I say is going to be logical, and not everything I say is going to make sense.  

I just get burnt out, at times, of doing "research". And talking about "facts". And "trying not to look like an idiot". And "spelling stuff good". And "being eloquent". And "using grammar". Here's where I abandon that and just spout off some things I'm thinking, stream of consciousness style. (Chris Sullivan from 30acreFortress inspired me).

I think Tarvaris Jackson could be a real option the Seahawks in 2011 - though it doesn't excite me much.

I don't think (anymore) that Le'Ron McClain is a good option for the Seahawks because I don't think he'd buy the Pete Carroll philosophy. He's way too worried about getting touches. Smells like another LenDale White.

I think that all our draft picks will make the final roster.

I think we'll sign a lot (13+) of undrafted free agent rookies, and several of them will be important down the road... but not this season.

I think Kris Durham will get more than 21 catches this season.

I think we really, really need to figure out something at the 3-tech position.

I really like Alan Branch as a free-agent. I was watching the Cardinals and Seahawks game yesterday and he was a freak - a couple sacks, multiple pressures. Just a beast at the defensive end. Would be a good guy to plug in along the line in certain situations.

I hate the Seahawks road uniforms.

I'm excited to see Kam Chancellor in 2011. 

I think that the way that JS/PC are going about building the team is ultimately going to work. But, I also think that for anything to 'work', you have to get lucky with a few players. You need guys that will become better than anyone ever thought they would. Ultimately, I think too much of the blame, and too much of the credit gets heaped onto front offices. You think Bilichick really knew Brady was going to be Brady? Is that why he passed on him in rounds 1-5? Sometimes you just get lucky and then build a team around your pot o'gold. The Seahawks haven't had this much in the past 5 years. 

I'm a Mac, not a PC. But I can use both.

I make beer. My buddy and I have a kegorator with 4 taps (one a nitro tap for cream ales and guinness style stouts). I like IPAs and stouts most. I don't make fun of people for drinking bud lite though, 'cause I do too. We make all-grain beers from scratch - my favorite batch was probably an Imperial Irish Cream Ale (12% abv) or our Makers Mark Infused Porter (13% abv or something ridiculous). 

I think that Pete Carroll is a very good football coach. And he surrounds himself with very, very good assistant coaches.

I love that the Hawks are focused on the run. Their run game last season was embarrassing. Which made their passing game embarrassing. I like the idea of telling your opponent you're going to run, and which direction you're going to run in, and then running that direction successfully. And there's nothing you can do about it. I hate finesse football. I want punch you in the mouth football. And then when you're done getting punched in the mouth, I'll throw it downfield and punch you in the nuts.

It really, really annoys me when NFL telecasts show gruesome injuries over and over in slow motion. It really fucking pisses me off. I don't want to see that guy's leg snap in half from five different angles, you psychotics. 

I get really impatient with broadcasters. I find myself getting truly angry at them. They're chatting it up about god knows what and meanwhile, on the game they're supposed to be calling, a fumble turnover has happened and they haven't even mentioned it yet. I get the sneaking suspicion that some of these guys, and I won't name names, are dumb.

Some broadcasters are good though - I like Cris Collinsworth, Mike Mayock, Troy Aikman even. I like Terry Bradshaw because he's the happiest guy in the world, he has a super-awesome skullet, and my girlfriend calls him "Terry," like they're on a first-name basis.

Ok, that's enough for now. Thoughts? Talk about other stuff too if you like.