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Seahawks Weekly Wrap Up

Here's what's been going on in your world, Seahawks-wise, in the past week. (Yes, it includes more than just the lockout!)

Seahawks on the Precipice: Charlie Whitehurst, Part I - Field GullsWhitehurst is not a second or third-year player, but it'll still interesting to see if he could be the Seahawks' next starter.

Seahawks on the Precipice: Charlie Whitehurst, Part II - Field GullsContinuing our look at Charlie Whitehurst and his potential as the possible starting QB next season.

Seahawks 4-3 Player Types: Linebackers - Field GullsI've broken down, the best that I can, the different player types in the Seahawks 4-3 Under defense run by Pete Carroll. We've looked at cornerbacks and safeties, after breaking down the assignments in general, and now I'm going to give you a quick and simple look at the linebacker position.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Lawyer Milloy, Veteran Savvy - Field Gulls: The play I picked out today comes from Lawyer Milloy in a 3rd down situation where he relied on quick recognition, aggressiveness, and basically what I can describe as a 'veteran savvy' in making the stop.

Seahawks Scouting with Rob Staton: Caleb King, Terrelle Pryor and the Supplemental Draft; Adam Weber and the NFC West's Draft - Field Gulls: It's been a few weeks since we caught up with Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog, but I had the chance to ask him a few questions related to the scouting of college players and what he thought of the 2011 NFL Draft. Read on to hear some of his thoughts.

Former Husky Nate Robinson Considers NFL Career - Would the Seahawks be Interested? - Field Gulls: The intriguing news coming out of the NBA in the last few days is that former Husky guard and current OKC Thunder..ite(?) Nate Robinson is thinking about taking a shot at the NFL while the NBA is locked out.

My Name is Big Play Babs, I Only Do Everything - Field Gulls: Big Play Babs was cut and re-signed and spent the season as a backup. Does that mean he has little value to the Seahawks?

Re-Live Seahawks Glory: 2004 Season - Field Gulls: Last week we took a look at the 2003 Seattle Seahawks team. That season ended in disappointment but the Seahawks looked to bounce back in '04. They started out strong, going 3-0, before stalling and losing their next three games. The Hawks finished the year 9-7, recaptured the NFC West Title, and went on to lose to the Rams in the opening game of the Playoffs.

Gull Poll: Best in the West - Field Gulls: I realize that this is an absurd question to ask before free agency even hits, but really, all these polls are pretty absurd, so who cares? My question today is, if you're putting money down in Vegas on who wins the NFC West, who's your hard earned cheddar going on?