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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Sunday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis, and more! Check em out yo. 

Pete Carroll Is Way More Enthusiastic About Driving Than You - The Daily Drip - SB Nation Seattle: "Pete Carroll is clearly getting antsy waiting for the NFL season to start. Why do I think that? Because he's tweeting about I-405 and drove it just for fun. This is our football coach, ladies and gentlemen."

Commentary: If NFL deal gets done, expect flurry of activity: "Never has the NFL off-season been so aptly named, with 32 teams officially switched "off" for four moldy months and counting. If the lockout is as close to being settled as everybody says, however, it's about to get real fun, and real fast."

A helpful roadmap to the post-lockout world of the NFL - NFL - Football: "The countdown has begun to the end of the NFL lockout, with the expectation that league owners will ratify a new agreement when they meet next Thursday in Atlanta. OK, that we know ... or think we know. What we don't know is what happens next, and I have a few suggestions on how the next few weeks should unfold:"

Insider: Indications are NFL deal will be ratified Thursday - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL - "NEW YORK -- Barring any last-minute snags, NFL owners and players are on a path that could lead to a new collective bargaining agreement this week. While the end to the four-month owners' lockout is not a done deal, substantial progress was made late in the week and indications are that ownership may vote to ratify the new labor contract at their league meetings Thursday in Atlanta, a person with knowledge of the talks told USA TODAY on Saturday."

Making the Grade - Guards, 2008-2010 | "People have up and down years. It’s that fact that inspired us to look at what players have done over the past three years, rather than just one year on its own.   So that’s what brings us to the second of three parts of looking at what offensive linemen have done over the past three years; in this session, the guards. As individuals, they’re often overlooked as many simply look at rushing stats to explain what they’ve done. Instead, we offer our cumulative ratings as a better judge of their impact.   We’re going to throw all the guards in together, but they’ll need to have played at least two thirds the amount of snaps of the average amount of the five guards who have played the most. That number is 2,359."

Mac's Football Blog: NFL Owners, Players To Meet Monday: "Owners and players from the National Football League will meet with U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan in Manhattan on Monday to resolve the remaining issues that are holding up a new collective bargaining agreement, Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports."

Players banging the drum for reduced practice load | National Football Post: "As the owners and players wind their way toward a new collective bargaining agreement which will hopefully be in place for a long time to come, some key issues remain unresolved. Since it’s no longer about the money, one would hope they aren’t issues that will create a major snag in negotiations that continue this weekend between lawyers and staff members. Specifically, the players have safety on their minds – and work conditions. EPSN’s Chris Mortensen reported that the players are seeking terms that meet their needs for offseason workouts, training camp practices and in-season practices."

NFP Scouting Series: Oregon State | National Football Post: "For the rest of the summer, the National Football Post will be breaking down every team in the Football Bowl Subdivision to identify which players could warrant the most interest from NFL teams in the 2012 NFL draft. Therefore, today we take a look at the senior class of the Oregon State Beavers."

Breaking down the NFL's top free-agent defensive linemen - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN: "2. CHARLES JOHNSON: DE, CAROLINA Johnson had a breakout season in 2010, accounting for 61 tackles and 10 sacks, while helping to ease the loss of Julius Peppers. Potential landing spots: Carolina, Denver John Fox would love to bring Johnson with him to Denver, but considering the addition of Von Miller (No. 2 overall draft pick) and the return of Elvis Dumervil from injured reserve, the Broncos are better off addressing the interior defensive line rather than adding another outside rusher. It’s just as well too, because Carolina would be foolish to lose this this future star to free agency. Look for Johnson to re-sign with the Panthers once the lockout is lifted."

John Clayton expects free agency to begin July 25 - Blog - "As the NFL lockout appears to be winding to a close, there're just a few more issues to work out. NFL analyst John Clayton joined Bob & Groz on Friday to talk about what the new rules will look like, as well as explain what the last few issues are. Clayton said that training camps are tentatively scheduled to begin July 25. He thinks free agency will start at that time as well. "It was just a matter of the deadline. This is a deadline league," Clayton said. "At least from the negotiating side, from the union standpoint ... and the owners -- they had to get most of their stuff done today. And so even though some things aren't completed yet, there's a little bit of strategy that has to go into next week, this thing is done.""

Some thoughts on Ryan Tannehill (QB, Texas A&M) " Seahawks Draft Blog: "Ryan Tannehill isn’t like any of the other quarterbacks among the group of 2012 prospects. Until last year, he was’t even a quarterback. Recruited by Texas A&M (Tannehill wanted to play at Texas Tech, but received no offer) as a red-shirt freshman he lost a quarterback battle which included Stephen McGee (now with the Dallas Cowboys) and Jerrod Johnson, before making the switch to receiver. A 6-4, 219lbs receiver. Tannehill took to his new role comfortably, recording a school freshman record 844 yards and a record 55 receptions. He’s since posted 1596 receiving yards and scored ten touchdowns. That was, of course, before his return to quarterback."

Just in case, Palmer is working out | Bengals Blog: "After close friend and Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel said on Thursday that he had seen no changes in the way Palmer had approached this offseason, Palmer confirmed to reporters on Friday that he continues to have the same throwing program that he has had in the past. That is about the only thing that Palmer would allow that was football related."

‪BRIARD ON SCOOTER - scooting dog‬‏ - YouTube: Norman loves to ride his scooter.

Rookie Depth Chart Battles: Austin Pettis - Mocking The Draft: "Thoughts: Pettis joins a crowded but unspectacular group of receivers in St. Louis.  This unit lacks a true #1 target and possibly even a legitimate #2 guy.  Each player has a specific trait they are good at but none are well rounded or a consistent threat."

‪Sponsor an NFL Player During The Lockout -- Jay Richardson‬‏ - YouTube: "Free agent defensive end Jay Richardson is an NFL player who needs your support. Sponsor his radio show today so he can sleep tonight."


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