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The Morning Brew: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis, and more! I'm a fickle beast and I'll be changing up the name of this daily link-dump, probably on a daily basis, but it will make no difference in the finished product. Today, here's your morning brew; keeping you abreast of the things that may affect the Seahawks (also, I just like saying "abreast"). Like yesterday, LOTS to talk about around the NFL, so check it out. Commentary is most welcome.

Jeff Fisher on Vince Young: 'It just became overwhelming to him' | National Football Post: ""A lot of the really good quarterbacks had a defining moment, you know where it just got hard on 'em -- it just gets hard -- and I think that's what happened with Vince," Fisher told NFL Network, per USA Today. "I think he had a defining moment, and it just became overwhelming to him. And I know he's had a chance to step away from it now, and I know he's one that learns from mistakes. If given the opportunity, he'll learn from this past one."

Fisher said nice things about Young during the media appearance. "Keep in mind, he won a lot of games for our organization and led us to the playoffs," Fisher said. "He's a tremendous player. He's certainly got a great deal of ability, and he's a rare athlete, and he's a good teammate. And hopefully he can learn from this experience and get that opportunity."" news: Kolb would help Cardinals, but immediate impact is unlikely: "If the Cardinals successfully pry Kevin Kolb from the Eagles, don't immediately pencil in Arizona as NFC West champions. When you consider Kolb's inexperience (seven career starts) and potential learning curve transitioning into Ken Whisenhunt's offense, it is not a given he will blossom into the elite quarterback the Cardinals envision. Relocation in the Cards Eagles QB Kevin Kolb says he would be thrilled to play in Arizona alongside star WR Larry Fitzgerald, but will be sad to leave the Eagles and coach Andy Reid behind. More ... Eagles coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg have a distinguished reputation for developing quarterbacks, and it is not out of the realm of possibility that Kolb is the byproduct of their quarterback-friendly system. Former Eagles quarterbacks A.J. Feeley and Donovan McNabb struggled outside of the scheme, and that should cause Cardinals' fans to worry about Kolb's transition into Whisenhunt's system." news: UFL season will be delayed to finalize 'business affairs': "The United Football League will move the start of its season from mid-August to mid-September because of ongoing financial problems, commissioner Michael Huyghue said Tuesday. Huyghue said in a statement that the delay will give the league time to finalize television agreements and "other critical business affairs." Players who reported to training camps this week are returning home at league expense, with the plan being to reopen them in about a month. UFL owner and founder Bill Hambrecht said he and other investors, who have lost millions of dollars, are committed to funding the 2011 season."

7/19: Should the Seahawks consider replacing Lofa Tatupu? - Blog - "In Tuesday's Wrap Up video, Brock Huard and Mike Salk discuss whether the Seahawks should consider searching for an upgrade over Lofa Tatupu at middle linebacker."

Seahawks outlook: Return to playoffs might be a reach for Seattle - NFL - Sporting News: "The housecleaning during Pete Carroll’s first season as head coach took the Seattle Seahawks back to the playoffs. Marshawn Lynch will continue to be the featured back in Seattle this season. (AP Photo) Seattle’s renovation, however, remains in its early stages. Don’t let a 2010 NFC West title or the improbable playoff victory over New Orleans trick you into thinking these Seahawks are a finished product. Far from it, in fact. The question Carroll inherited at quarterback is even more muddled now than a year ago, and Seattle did not have a single Pro Bowler for the second consecutive season. That wasn’t for lack of trying, however. The Seahawks made nearly 300 roster moves in 2010, reclaimed receiver Mike Williams from the recycling bin and got younger, bigger and faster all-around. "We know that we’ve made a lot of strides," Carroll says. But this is a team that still has a long way to go. "

49ers outlook: San Francisco pins playoff hopes on Harbaugh - NFL - Sporting News: "Prediction: First, NFC West For the fourth time since 2003, the 49ers have a new coach. This time, however, the situation is different. Unlike recycled Dennis Erickson and then-unknown Mike Nolan, Jim Harbaugh was the hot offseason commodity and top choice of several NFL and college football teams."

Rams outlook: Schedule could prevent St. Louis from rising - NFL - Sporting News: "Prediction: Second, NFC West After being lost in the wilderness for three seasons (a period when the team lost 42 of 48 games) the St. Louis Rams came oh-so-close to breaking out in 2010. Granted, it came in the NFC Worst, er, West, but a prime-time victory in the regular-season finale at Seattle would have propelled St. Louis to its first division title since 2003 and first playoff berth since 2004."

Cole's injury and Seahawks' defensive line - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "A few thoughts on Colin Cole's recent revelation to Seattle radio host Dave Mahler regarding ankle surgery that will keep the Seattle Seahawks' nose tackle off the field for an undetermined period:"

Juron Criner NFL Draft prospect notes - Mocking The Draft: "First word: Juron Criner is among those in a talented top-tier of wide receiver prospects in the 2012 NFL Draft. The trouble is, he's probably not better than some of his contemporaries. Because of that, it's hard to get really excited about Criner. What he is, though, is just good enough to possibly be a first-round pick. He's clearly got the frame, his hands and speed are good and there are no known character flaws in Criner's game. One perceived negative is that he plays in a pass-happy offense designed to easily get him open. A bigger concern could be Criner's struggles to get off the line in jam situations. Some will also point out the off-field issue that put his senior season in jeopardy, but that's simply overblown rumor mongering."

Vonta Leach admits Seahawks are on his radar " Seahawks Draft Blog: "Yesterday we reported that the Seahawks have some interest in signing free agent full back Vonta Leach. It appears that feeling is mutual. In conversation with Fox Sports’ Adam Schein, Leach admitted that the Giants, the Seahawks and the Chargers are on his radar if he is not re-signed by the Houston Texans. He also reiterated his desire to be the best paid full back in the NFL, after he helped Arian Foster lead the league in rushing and set a new UDFA record for total yards."

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Playing The Slots: "Brandon Stokley was famously called the best slot receiver in the history of the NFL. Stokley reprised that role with the Seahawks in 2010, immediately becoming one of Matt Hasselbeck's favorite targets. On the rare occasion when Stokley, Mike Williams and Ben Obamanu were all healthy at the same time, the passing offense was far more potent. That included games like @NO, @ARZ and the home playoff win against NO. While many people talk about adding an impact outside receiver like Sidney Rice or Vincent Jackson, the biggest current hole in the WR corp is the starting slot receiver." news: Kolb has tremendous respect for Reid but wants to move on: ""I've obviously envisioned myself there and some other places. They all have a chance to be great, and that's the kind of team you want to go to if you're going to be traded." Should Kolb be dealt to the Cardinals, one of the fringe benefits would be having one of the league's top receivers to pass to -- Larry Fitzgerald. "Anyone who has played against, with or been around Larry, which I haven't been able to do much, understands how great of a guy he is and what kind of a player he is," Kolb said. "I'm excited if that does happen. He'd be a good one to throw to.""

NFL - Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions will be 2011's most improved teams - ESPN: "Q: Adam, for the last several years it seems that a last place team makes the playoffs and/or wins their division the following year. As unlikely as it seems, it has been happening. Of these teams, I see the Detroit Lions as the most improved and the team most likely to make the playoffs this year. What team, or teams, do you see making the playoffs and turning from pretender to contender this year? -- Allen (Oregon)

A: The Lions definitely would be on my list, Allen, maybe atop the list. I also could see the Arizona Cardinals making a turnaround, especially if they wind up landing Kevin Kolb in a trade. But the Lions and Cardinals are two solid guesses for turnaround teams -- and don't forget, we haven't had an offseason yet. We still don't know which free agents are going to play where, which teams are going to be dumping veterans and where those veterans will wind up. For now I'll go with the Lions and Cardinals, but please check back in mid-to-late August. My answer might change by then."

Pryor doesn't care if he's 1st or 7th-round pick - "According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pryor continues to work out in Florida with former NFL quarterbacks coach Ken Anderson and doesn't care where he's drafted. "Whether I go as a first-round (supplemental) draft pick or a seventh-round draft pick, it doesn't matter," he said. "When I get in there, I'm going to work my butt off and compete.""

New rule could make for longer games in 2011 - "A rules change everyone can get behind: every scoring play will automatically be reviewed. The goal is to reduce missed calls and save coaches from wasting challenges, but Pereira notes that there will be unintended consequences, too. "There will be a lot more replay stoppages in 2011, and the length of games will increase. Neither of those is good for the game.""

Mankins, Jackson will seek $10m in compensation? - "Players from several teams may have gotten word that they will be reporting for work this weekend, but there are still several things to iron out before there's a new collective bargaining agreement in place and the 2011 season can officially begin. One issue will be finding a compromise with the 10 plaintiffs named in the Brady v. the NFL lawsuit. Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole has learned through multiple sources that agents for two of the plaintiffs, Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson and Patriots guard Logan Mankins, "have requested that their players either become unrestricted free agents when the lockout is over or that they receive $10 million each as part of the settlement.""

When the lockout ends, expect a few days of glorious chaos - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports: "By nearly all accounts, the lockout will be ending later this week (and if it doesn't, given all that we've been told, a violent mob gathering outside of league offices would not feel like an inappropriate response). When we're unlocked, expect teams to get a grace period of a few days to prepare themselves, followed by a flurry of free agent pandemonium that will have every agent on the planet working his phone like Jerry Maguire right after Bob Sugar fired him. Drew Rosenhaus himself told ESPN's Mike and Mike this morning that we can expect "the most active two-week period in the history of the NFL.""

Osi Umenyiora - New York Giants - 2011 Player Profile - "According to ESPN's John Clayton, Giants RE Osi Umenyiora would be interested in playing for the Seahawks. "Seattle is one of the teams he's interested in," Clayton stated on 710 ESPN Seattle Monday. "That could be the type of player at defensive end, as long as it doesn't cost a first-round pick, that maybe there'd be some interest." Umenyiora doesn't fit the mold of a defensive end in Pete Carroll's scheme. As the old adage goes, however, you can never have too many pass rushers."

Interview with Calais Campbell, DE Arizona Cardinals | "To pass the time and stay productive during the NFL lockout, Calais Campbell interned with Will Farrell at While that’s certainly impressive, the prototypical 3-4 defensive end has also been busy improving his production on the field in each of his first three seasons in the NFL after being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the second round of the 2008 NFL draft. . Unfortunately, the success of the Cardinals’ defense hasn’t correlated with his individual success on the field. According to Calais, that’s going to change as soon as the defense is able to get on the field and work together to build chemistry. . I spent some time talking with Calais about the Cards’ 3-4 scheme, the linebacking group, and the current quarterback situation. ."

Mac's Football Blog: Report: Cardinals Prepared To Offer Rodgers-Cromartie Straight Up For Kevin Kolb: "According to Mike Jurecki of sports radio station XTRA 910 in Arizona, the Arizona Cardinals are settled on acquiring quarterback Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles, and are prepared to offer up starting cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in a trade. "Kolb is the guy, Cards are prepared to offer DRC straight up...according to source," Jurecki said via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News."

Vincent Jackson, Logan Mankins seeking compensation to settle | National Football Post: "So, what do some of the plaintiffs in the players' class-action antitrust lawsuit want in exchange for settling with the NFL and dropping their legal complaint? A lot of cash, or being declared free agents. According to Yahoo! Sports, the agents for New England Patriots Pro Bowl offensive guard Logan Mankins and San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson want to be granted unresticted free agent status or be given $10 million apiece for settling. Blogs " Blog Archive Kirwan: Some deals might already be in place ": "I absolutely think there will be deals worked out," Kirwan said. "and we’ll see deals done on the first day. I spoke to Dick Vermeil, who also thought teams and agents will have things worked out. Expect Kevin Kolb to go quickly."

Dormant NFL will roar to life | NFL - The News Tribune: "We can only imagine what degree of torment the NFL work stoppage has been for Seahawks GM John Schneider, who spent his first year with the team averaging nearly a deal a day. After some 280 transactions, Schneider was forced to go cold turkey when the NFL collective bargaining agreement expired in March. It will be interesting to discover if he developed coping mechanisms: brokering deals for neighborhood Little League teams, trying to squeeze extra bread sticks out of the pizza delivery guy. Maybe he’s been pulling night shifts as a phone solicitor."

Seahawks shopping for stars? - Blog - "According to a recent list compiled by NFL players, the Seahawks do not have a single player on their roster that cracks the top 100 players in the league. Zero. Not one. They share that dubious distinction with one other team: the lowly Buffalo Bills. Yikes. That isn't exactly the kind of company they want to keep."

Recent news on Kevin Kolb - Philadelphia Eagles - "Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday, Kevin Kolb made it sound like he's convinced he'll be playing for the Cardinals this season. "I hope," Kolb said. "Arizona would be a great place. I've obviously envisioned myself there." WIP Philadelphia's Howard Eskin, sitting in for Patrick, predicted that Kolb would be sent to the Cardinals for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie "and a draft pick." Kolb also said NFL teams are aware of his contract demands once the deal is completed. The 27-year-old quarterback is likely to be traded on the first or second day of free agency."

Austin Davis (QB, Southern Miss) thoughts and tape " Seahawks Draft Blog: "Nobody is talking about Austin Davis. Search out a list of quarterbacks to keep an eye on in 2011 and you’ll do well to find any listing the Southern Miss quarterback. I guess I have a higher opinion of Davis than most – and it’s an opinion I will be looking to develop with more tape this year. However, right now he’s close to Kirk Cousins for #4 on my pre-season quarterback rankings with only Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley and Landry Jones in front."

Kevin Kolb Envisions Himself A Cardinal, Ken Whisenhunt "Excited" To Get A QB - Bleeding Green Nation: "Kevin Kolb was a guest of the Dan Patrick show today, which happened to be hosted by Howard Eskin, and he was asked about the recent rumors about a possible trade to the Arizona Cardinals."

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: The Next Chris Carter: "Walking into Eric and Lisa's house for dinner was a little awkward for Chris Carter. He had never met either one of them before, and was asking if he could move into their home. This was not the tryout he envisioned when dreaming of breaking into the NFL as a young boy growing up in Danville, CA. Then again, nothing about his path to the pros was ordinary."

Emerging NFL Talents: WR "Big" Mike Williams " The Rookie Scouting Portfolio: "Mike Williams technically "emerged" last year when he finally arrived at an NFL facility in football shape. He ascended from camp long shot to starting receiver and in 13 starts he accumulated 68 receptions, 751 yards, and 2 scores. Not bad for a guy who hadn’t played competitive football for two seasons. Fortunately, Williams’ offseason workout regimen demonstrates that he has figured out what it takes to become a professional football player. At age 27, Williams could produce at a high level for another 7-8 years if he maintains this new-found work ethic. Considering the Seahawks lacked a quality veteran receiver with a strong, multifaceted game to start opposite Williams in 2010, I believe last year was a promising sign for things to come."

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Remember...Golden Tate? A Series Looking Back @ 2010 Seahawks: "Golden Tate was the prize the Seahawks won for holding steady in the 2nd round of last years NFL draft when many fans were begging the team to trade up or trade back. GM John Schneider happily told reporters later that the team had a 1st round grade on Tate, and were thrilled to grab the play-making wide receiver late in the 2nd. Tate's legend grew in mini-camps and training camp as he seemed to be awarded "play of the day" honors almost every practice. Teammates talked about his raw talent, but some of the enthusiasm was tempered due to just how raw that talent was."

Twitter / @ReverendRalph: Woah! Report indicates tha ..."Woah! Report indicates that Arizona is offering DRC straight up for Kevin Kolb. Deal makes sense for both sides if u think about it."

 Kolb likes Arizona? Here's why that matters - NFC West Blog - ESPN: "We shouldn't automatically downplay Kevin Kolb's comments to Dan Patrick regarding his eagerness to join the Arizona Cardinals. Sure, the Philadelphia Eagles will ultimately determine whether to trade Kolb, and for what price. But Kolb will also wield influence over the process through negotiations on a new contract. After all, any team acquiring Kolb will want to work out a long-term contract with him. Kolb will have to approve any new contract."

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