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Seattle Seahawks Wish List

The NFL lockout has been described as a journey down a "long and winding road", among other things. Bullshit. It's been a slow, bickering meander down a short, taupe-colored hallway with stern, douchebaggy portraits hanging on the walls and a gorgeous boardroom filled with sexy free agents (and even sexier NFL games) at the end of it.

Now, despite their best efforts to the contrary, the owners and NFLPA have seemingly trundled to within a few short steps (or a couple giant steps, depending on who you ask) of ending this impasse and getting back to doing the things that made us care about them in the first place.

Make no mistake, the new CBA will have some changes when it comes to roster construction, not the least of which will be the institution of a "salary floor." There is still some haziness surrounding the new salary cap/floor structure, but no matter how the final pieces of bologna are sliced, the Seahawks are sure to have lots of room on their plate. It remains to be seen whether Pete Carroll and John Schneider are big-game hunters when it comes to free agency, but their hand, like everyone else's, will be forced to some degree as the free agency/trade market promises to be wilder than a Snookie/Steve-O sex tape.

Recently, DannyVasilii, and I had a discussion over cognac and fine cigars (Twitter), the topic of which was the players Seattle is most likely to sign/trade for. There were a few names that came up more than once; among them were Johnathan Joseph, Alan Branch, Cullen Jenkins, Brandon Mebane, and of course, Carson Palmer. As always, I left the conversation impressed by the football acumen displayed by both Danny and Vasilii, but I also went away thinking about my dream acquisitions for Seattle.

I'll reveal those in the comments section but I want to know what you, the learned members of the 12th Man, would like to see the 'Hawks do. The feedback was a huge success with the "Perfect Draft" article a few months ago, as you guys came out in full force with your wish lists. It is in that spirit that I turn the discussion over to you. Who would you like to see Seattle sign in free agency? Who do you want them to re-sign, trade for, or let go?

Let your voices be heard!*

*Read quietly online by other people in their offices.