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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Saturday

Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis, and more! Happy Saturday to you. Football news is really picking up as of late; the beat reporters and Seahawk bloggers are coming out of the woodwork again just in time for the Lockout to end (hopefully soon). Here's what goin on:

Tarvaris Jackson on possibly joining the Hawks: ‘A good opportunity’ | Seahawks InsiderRob Rang, senior draft analyst for, believes Jackson could be a good fit for Seattle. "To me what stands out about him is not only the fact that he has been a pretty solid quarterback in the NFL, but I got back to East-West Shrine game and the ball comes off his hand well," Rang said. "He does have good accuracy, especially in the short to intermediate level. He has the arm to throw the ball deep, and compared to Hasselbeck that would be an area of improvement. And his mobility would be a significant area of improvement over Hasselbeck. "He’s a player that I thought played pretty well at Minnesota. I think he’s the most intriguing, younger quarterback that is available, especially considering the price. I really like Kevin Kolb, but when you consider cost, Jackson is going to be more reasonably priced." Rang went on to say he’s higher on Jackson’s upside than Whitehurst.

Seahawks Blog | Q&A with Tarvaris Jackson | Seattle Times Newspaper: So where is Jackson going to wind up? Zulgad asked him. Jackson: "I see it on Twitter sometimes. It's kind of like, I guess they know more than I know. I woke up and saw something this morning about Seattle because Coach Bevell is up there. I know how it works. I understand that."

Notebook: If Seattle offers,Tarvaris Jackson sees 'a good opportunity' - Minnesota Vikings news | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers)"Yeah, it seems like a pretty good opportunity," Jackson said on Friday. "I know the offense. That's a plus." A second-round draft pick in 2006, Jackson has spent his entire NFL career with the Minnesota Vikings and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, who took the same job with the Seattle Seahawks in January. So, the Seahawks likely will run a similar scheme to what Jackson is used to, at least in the passing game. And with the Vikings moving on at quarterback at a time the NFL lockout has wiped out the offseason, Seattle is a natural fit for Jackson -- if Bevell and the Seahawks want him. "If free agency would have started in March like it's supposed to, it would have been a lot different," Jackson said. "But being that it is so late, you would like to go somewhere you're familiar so you have a chance. "If I go to a new system that I never played in before now, you're really learning. You're learning a new offense and just trying to get familiar with the guys. You're kind of behind the eight-ball. Being that (Seattle will run) the same system, it's a good opportunity."

Plenty of talent left among undrafted class - NFL - - NFLDraftScout.com5. DT Martin Parker, Richmond Another small-school prospect, Parker showed up big-time at the East-West Shrine Game, but teams didn't appreciate his film enough to select him even late in the draft. Given time and coaching, Parker could be an interesting three-technique prospect who provides pass rush as a high-effort wave player.

Have a need? UDFAs to fit every position, scheme - CBSSports.comUndrafted free agency is a lot like walking into your favorite superstore. Sure, you walk in with specific needs but sometimes the deals are so good on items that you didn't necessarily think you couldn't live without that you find yourself filling up your cart. The undrafted prospects from the 2011 crop feature quite a menagerie of talents and fits in schemes. As is often the case, the best talent lies at relatively easy-to-find positions like running back, wide receiver and inside linebacker. I'd rate Auburn RB Mario Fannin, Miami RB Graig Cooper and Virginia Tech RB Darren Evans, for example, as more likely to make an NFL roster than any of the defensive ends remaining, but we all know that the needs of clubs will make pass rushers a priority once they're officially allowed to "shop." My fellow Senior Analyst Chad Reuter does a nice job of detailing the top five prospects at each position in this article here. However, as we all know there are specialists at each position that may or may not fit your team's speficic needs. As such, I wanted to highlight a few players per position whose size/speed or unique skill set makes them a particularly good fit for whatever your team is still looking for. This post is based on the offensive prospects still available.

Joe Webb - Minnesota Vikings - 2011 Player Profile - Rotoworld.comUnder the proposed CBA, NFL gameday rosters will expand from 45 to 46, with the No. 3 quarterback no longer inactive. Beginning this year, teams like the Vikings and Steelers can leave Joe Webb and Dennis Dixon active for more creative play-calling. It's also a way for rookie QBs such as the Ravens' Tyrod Taylor to see the field even if they remain projects as passers.

Why position coaches will be key in camp | National Football Post: While we wait for the NFL lockout to finally come to an end, keep in mind that training camp will look and feel differently this season. Beyond the fact that two-a-day sessions could possibly be eliminated, camp itself will be more about teaching, technique and on the field playbook install. Head coaches will get the credit during the month of August for scripting a schedule that allows for their players to compete while installing their base packages at the same time. We should expect to hear all about it during various training camp reports around the league. ICON Bears O-Line coach Mike Tice will have to put in the work to get first-round pick Gabe Carimi ready for the regular season. However, it will be the position coaches that do all of the legwork, put in the extra hours and spend every free minute they have working with players. Blogs " Blog Archive Data Points: Value of V-Jax is obvious "While RB Darren Sproles (59) and TE Antonio Gates (50) finished 1-2 on the team in catches, this is an attack that likes to go downfield. And Rivers has one of the best in the league at his disposal in WR Vincent Jackson, who in just five games last season caught just 14 passes — for an average of 17.7 yards per catch. Looking beyond his involvement as one of the plaintiffs in the players’ antitrust suit against the NFL, there’s no disputing Jackson’s production. Over the last five seasons, Jackson has emerged as the league’s best big-play threat among wideouts who have caught at least 200 passes. His 17.2 average is a full yard ahead of Packers WR Greg Jennings. And of Jackson’s 209 receptions since 2006, 53 have covered 20 or more yards. news: League and team execs attend tutorial on CBA specificsAs the NFL waits for its players to vote whether they will ratify a new collective bargaining agreement that owners approved Thursday, league and team officials are moving forward with procedures of getting football back to business. More than 100 team and league executives, Bengals owner and personnel chief Mike Brown, and nearly all general managers and salary-cap aficionados, arrived Friday for a scheduled five-hour tutorial on everything ranging from new salary-cap rules to free agency to the signing of players. Many of those in attendance said they were eager to figure out the nuances of the proposed 10-year labor agreement, which the players have yet to approve. There are still loose ends that the players want settled before they ratify things on their end and trigger the start of the official league year. However, operational rules -- including a rookie wage scale -- have been agreed upon by both sides, so no changes are expected in this realm of negotiated terms between owners and players. Up to four members of each team were invited to attend the seminar. Each team has multiple representatives present.

Addressing the Seahawks defense - Blog - MyNorthwest.comWhat a wild Thursday in the NFL with more fireworks to follow today and over the weekend. Were the players bamboozled? Are the owners trying to shift the public relations meter? How in the world do 31 owners fall into complete agreement? There are many questions still to be answered, which mirrors my feeling exactly of the Seahawks defense. What follows are the five steps I would take to reload a Hawks defense that flashed potential in 2010 before fading in the second half of the season.

Seahawks Blog | Have the Seahawks really closed the door on Matt Hasselbeck? | Seattle Times NewspaperThere is precious little time remaining to speculate on the Seahawks' plans at quarterback. They're going to have to actually do something at that position once free agency begins, which could be as soon as next week. But that leaves a couple more days for hand wringing about just what Seattle is going to do at what is universally considered the most important decision in football. So far the season, the discussion has centered around four possibilities:

The Good Point - Schedule may spoil NFC West progressSimply put, the NFC West was awful last season, with all four teams in the division finishing below .500. Even with the 7-9 division champion Seahawks' run in the playoffs, many people were calling for the NFL to review the seeding system for the league. But that's not to say the division has no hope. As the NFL (finally) flips the page to 2011-12, there is loads of potential coming into the season for all four teams in the division.

NFL lockout -- NFLPA will work through weekend, sources say - ESPNThough an email went out to NFL players Friday afternoon telling them the player reps planned to meet Monday, NFLPA leadership sources told ESPN that no meeting is scheduled, and their plan is to continue to work through the weekend. Text of the letter, obtained by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter: "Guys, To keep you abreast of the latest developments, we are reviewing the latest proposal for a settlement. Because of the passing of Myra Kraft in Boston, the NFLPA will not be making any public statements in honor of the Kraft family. Our recommendation is for everyone to stay put and keep doing what you are doing where you are doing it. We will meet again on Monday to discuss our options and the direction we want to go. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks for your patience. Your Player Reps."

Game-day rosters expand to 46, no third QBs - CBSSports.comThe owners and players haven't yet agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement, but they have reached a consensus on this: the NFL Management Council has informed clubs that game-day rosters will increase from 45 to 46 players, and the emergency third quarterback designation no longer exists. In practice, this means that teams will now dress their No. 3 quarterback as an active player or, take their chances with two QBs and use the roster spot for depth at another position. Which, save the rare occasion, isn't much of a rule change at all.

Is Jackson in, Hasselbeck out for Seahawks? - CBSSports.comThere may still be NFL labor uncertainty, but one thing is not in doubt: once the lockout ends, free agency will be a frenzied process as the league furiously preps for the 2011 season. And from the sound of it, longtime Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck won't be back in Seattle. ESPN's John Clayton doesn't think the Seahawks are interested in paying a starter's salary to a 35-year-old oft-injured QB whose future might be as a backup and mentor. "I don't know if they'll pay $5 million (per year), I don't know if they'll pay $6 million," Clayton said, according to ESPN 710, "but if there's no offer from Seattle, you take the best offer and it very well could be in Nashville."

Kevin Kolb - Philadelphia Eagles - 2011 Player Profile - Rotoworld.comAppearing on NFL Live Friday, ESPN's Adam Schefter sounded convinced that a trade that will send Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals is already a done deal. "100 percent he's traded and Arizona is the first, second, and third most likely landing spot," Schefter said. Arizona may be tempted to lower its offer if there is truly no other competition for Kolb's services. The Eagles will try hard to create the impression that Kolb remains in demand around the league. news: Post-lockout success for Pack, Pats; 49ers, Titans will struggleStruggle: San Francisco 49ers The 49ers have been regarded as a darkhorse selection to win the weak NFC West, but Jim Harbaugh has a lot of work to do to get the team ready. Alex Smith must be re-signed immediately to give the team a viable solution at quarterback, and several decisions must be made to upgrade the defensive line. Nate Clements and Aubrayo Franklin might not be a part of the team’s future plans, and San Francisco must identify productive successors to have a legitimate shot to compete in the division. Throw in the daunting task of mastering new offensive and defensive systems in a shortened preseason, and it is hard to predict a division title for the 49ers. news: Players taking time to vet proposed CBA, set Monday meeting

FL Players Association lawyers and officials have started to digest the league's proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement, and there are several concerns regarding language contained in it and matters the players believe are unresolved, numerous sources with direct knowledge of the situation said Friday. Conversations with player representatives and NFLPA officials revealed no sense that a vote on ratification was imminent, instead indicating that more time will be necessary to reach an agreement on the deal approved by owners Thursday. In fact, one player rep said the NFLPA sent an email advising player reps that the next plan is to talk Monday. 

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