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Seahawks Weekly Wrap Up

A lot of action on Field Gulls this past week, and that action is bound to increase exponentially this coming week if the Lockout ends like many expect. Here's what we've been talking about if you haven't been around much. Expect a lot of free agency updates and looks at some potential UDFA signings on tap this week.

The Seahawks and the Salary Cap - Field GullsWe're all very excited for free agency, but do the Seahawks really have that much to spend on new players?

Assessing the Seahawks Roster: Safeties - Field GullsThe Seahawks appear to be set at the free safety position with Earl Thomas locked up for the next few years, but the strong safety spot is still up for grabs. Who lands the starting job is anyone's guess; free agent Lawyer Milloy could come back for an encore year, second year player Kam Chancellor has a shot, and rookie Mark LeGree will compete there as well.

Seahawks on the Precipice: Russell Okung - Field Gulls: What's Russell Okung got to prove next year? Not much really.

Seahawks Replay Booth: Aaron Curry, Strength on the Edge - Field GullsAaron Curry gets talked about a lot here in the comments and a good deal of it is negative, but the good things he does for the Seahawks defense often get overlooked.

The Leo End and the Blitz - Field Gulls: The Seahawks run an unbalanced 4-3 base defense. Does the system need the blitz to get to the quarterback?

Seahawks 4-3 Player Types: Defensive Line - Field Gulls: The defensive line is very important. In any defense. Like every other defense, the defensive line in the 4-3 defense is very, very important. Let's talk about how Pete Carroll views each position in his basic 4-3 Under scheme.

Assessing the Seahawks Roster: Defensive Tackles - Field Gulls: The Seahawks defensive line is arguably the biggest need position at the moment outside of quarterback. I break it down.

Mike Williams Addresses #1 Receiver Status, the Seahawks' QB Situation, More on John Clayton Show 710ESPN - Field Gulls: Seahawks receiver Mike Williams was on the John Clayton show on Saturday and provided a great interview. He talked about a variety of subjects over about 10 or 15 minutes: his first year back in the league, his quest to become a number one receiver, the Seahawks QB position, Matt Leinart, and more.

Seahawks Scouting: More On USC QB Matt Barkley - Field Gulls: A lot of people are already talking about which QB the Seahawks are going to take in next year's draft after they opted not to select one this season. Matt Barkley is one to watch.

Seattle Seahawks Wish List - Field Gulls: Who are your prized targets for the Seahawks this off-season? Come join the discussion!

Assessing the Seahawks Roster: Defensive Ends - Field Gulls: The defensive end position for the Seahawks is actually one spot that I'm relatively confident in. The way the Seahawks' 4-3 Under defense works is rather unique in the NFL and requires 'specialized' type players. We take a look...

Don't Panic: The NFL Lockout Stalemate Explained - Field Gulls: After a wild evening it might seem time to panic on the ongoing CBA negotiations. It isn't.

Assessing the Seahawks' Roster: Cornerbacks - Field Gulls: I've started breaking down the Seahawks' roster pre-training camp and pre-free-agency. I wanted to take a closer look at the cornerback position.

The Leo End and the Run Defense - Field Gulls: Chris Clemons isn't a big defensive end, and can be blocked and moved easily. Does that make us susceptible to running left?