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NFL Free Agency 2011: The Seahawks Free Agency Omnibus

During the NFL Lockout doldrums of the last few months we here at Field Gulls have done an innumeral amount of free agency articles, and I'll try to link to the relevant ones here for you now. This may be of help if you're one of the lot of fans that decided to tune out during the lockout.

First, for a look at the Seahawks current free agents, click here.

A LOT more after the jump...

Now, a ten-part series on the state of the Seahawks roster; includes analysis on current players on the roster, possible free agent targets, and undrafted free agents of note.


Wide Recievers

Offensive Line

Tight Ends/H-backs

Running Backs/Fullbacks

Defensive Tackles

Defensive Ends




Here is a seven-part series of posts on undrafted free agents that are still available. I broke it down into position groups:

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Running Backs/Fullbacks

Offensive Line


Defensive Line

Defensive Backs


Now, some individual posts about intriguing UDFAs:

S DeAndre McDaniel

DT Martin Parker

RB John Clay

WR Jeff Maehl

WR DeAndre Brown

QB Adam Froman

QB Josh Portis

LB Mario Harvey

Here are up to date and ongoing StoryStreams to check out if you are interested in NFL-wide free agency:

"Lockout is over" stream

Free agency stream

UDFA stream

Training camp schedules

Timeline of the lockout over the last 3 years (good retrospective by Brian McIntyre)

Seahawks-related Story Streams:

Free Agency

Rookie Free Agency

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