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Seahawks UDFA Signing Mad Dash Open Thread

Because this could go on for a while, and because we could be seeing quite a few of these signings, let's discuss here and put together more in depth write-ups later. Field Gulls writers/mods - add to the list as we go on.

So far, here are the players that have initial agreements. Keep in mind players can and have changed their minds in the past, so it's not a done deal:

Also, in the twitterverse, sometimes rumors turn out untrue. So none of these are even close to official. Just covering my ass here.

  • S Ricky Thenarse, Nebraska
  • CB Jesse Hoffman, Eastern Washington
  • OT Brent Osborne, Harvard
  • WR Ricardo Lockette, Fort Valley State
  • S Jeron Johnson, Boise State
  • S Ron Parker, Newberry
  • DT Ladi Ajiboye, South Carolina
  • LB Michael Morgan, Southern California
  • WR Doug Baldwin, Stanford
  • DE Pierre Allen, Nebraska
  • OT Zach Hurd, Connecticut
  • QB Josh Portis, California (PA)