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The Ospreys are Tweeting: Back to Football

Pete watching the lockout end.
Pete watching the lockout end.

The lockout ended yesterday, and several Seahawks or Seahawks free agents expressed their feelings about it on twitter.

Kam Chancellor: Im bout to get me a BamBam tattoo

Kam Chancellor: I decided to treat myself today so a pedicure lol........#UnlockedoutLife......

Justin Forsett: Feels good to be employed again!!!!

Anthony Heygood: #lockout over. Ill be Seattle bound soon.

Aaron Curry: Y'all think we go break last years record for roster changes this year? Just hope I dont get caught up in em

Will Robinson: It's official time to get back to work

Brandon Mebane: The silence is broken..Let the craziness begin!

Brandon Mebane: I really do appreciate the love from everyone who has a real interest in my well being regarding my Future in the NFL.

Paul Allen: NFL football is officially back! Should be an interesting lead up to camp starting with FA signings, etc...

Russell Okung: Back to work but we still smell like a vacation.

Kris Durham: Just landed in the new hometown. Can't wait to get it started!

Mike Williams: With the lockout coming to an end, I'm gonna have to clean up my tweet content from the last few months...

Mark LeGree: Waiting on my coach @PeteCarroll to call me!

Mark LeGree: finally got to speak to my position coach!

Roy Lewis: All day!!! Lets get it!!! RT @Kam_Chancellor: @RoyLew34 bash bros inc. Time

Caz Piurowski: Leaving for seattle in the morning. Ready to get to work

Earl Thomas: Yesssssssss

Rich Sherman: LAX to SEA one way.....and the journey begins....*places chip on shoulder* #gotime

Mike Williams: 12thMan, yes I will be at the VMAC tomm... And no, I don't like spicy foods