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REPORT: Matt Hasselbeck Will Not Re-Sign With Seattle Seahawks

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The Seattle Times is now reportingthat Matt Hasselbeck will NOT re-sign with the Seahawks. We're awaiting official confirmation from the Seahawks but Danny O'Neil and the Seattle Times are typically pretty reliable in their reports so I'm taking this one pretty seriously.

Per Danny O'Neil, "It appears the #Seahawks have acquired another quarterback, negating the offer for Hasselbeck to re-sign."

No word yet who that quarterback is, but Adam Schefter seems to believe it's Tarvaris Jackson.

(UPDATE: Danny O'Neil has confirmed the Seahawks have signed Tarvaris Jackson).

Tim Hasselbeck joined the Bob and Groz show on 710 ESPN to talk about his brother's free agency situation, and had this to say about Matt's reaction to the Seahawks' decision to move on:(t/c to Brian Floyd for transcibing):

"Pete Carroll and John Schneider called Matthew -- the first time they've called him all day -- and said 'hey listen we appreciate all you've done for the organization, but we're gonna go in a different direction.' He was really appreciative that Pete and John extended that courtesy and called him, but without a doubt a lot of disappointment in his voice. He wanted to remain a Seahawk and finish his career, but it's not gonna happen. It's part of the deal."

Tim went on to list off a few teams that have expressed interest and Floyd transcribed more of the interview over at SBN Seattle, so go give it a read.

Stay tuned for more.

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