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Free Agency Thread 07/26/2011

So it appears Matt Hasselbeck is done in Seattle. Thanks for the memories Matt.

Brian edit: It's looking all but official now, Matt won't be back. Here's the thing, he's likely the best quarterback ever to wear a Seahawks jersey and we were all incredibly fortunate to watch him during his prime years. Look back to the 2005 playoffs and recall just what kind of QB he was. The last few seasons haven't been kind to him, but that does not diminish what he accomplished with this team. 

Now the organization starts looking towards the future of the most important position on the roster. Should more effort have been put into this years ago? Perhaps, but now we have as sure a sign as any that the team is committed to finding a quarterback of the future. The process isn't going to be easy and, as fans, we're probably going to want to rip our hair out along the way, but this is a good thing. This is the first step to building for a long-term future.

For now, however, I'm content to simply sit back and recall all of Matt's great moments as a Seahawk. Best of luck wherever you land.